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  1. Hi all, I'm completely a mess after five rounds of chemo and six weeks of radiation to my chest, then ten days of brain radiation. That was back in 2015!! I'm finally feeling a bit better, but still have every other day "just sleep all day" days. God is getting me through.
  2. Thank you so much Michelle. I have a pain management Dr., and am on pain meds, because I also have Fibro and 5 ruptured discs in my back and migraines. And I'm getting epidurals for my spine, but the steroids are giving me a lot of trouble. Thanks for your support! Bless ~ Betsy
  3. Thanks Tylalla, that was beautiful! I think I had already chosen to go, and learning that I wasn't going then kind of made me mad! So I'm going to have to learn to live again. I've also got tons of other health problems that cause me to be in a lot of pain and handicap me terribly. But there are still things to live for! Betsy
  4. I want to thank the both of you for your replies. Very helpful and I'm feeling better about my diagnosis. Blessings to you both!
  5. Hi Again! I was diagnosed with Small Cell Lung Cancer in 2015, and am in remission. I had 5 treatments of Chemo, and 6 weeks of radiation, followed by 10 days of brain radiation. I felt so horrible for well, just getting a little better now in March of 2017. I already had a diagnosis of Depression before treatment, but now it seems to have taken hold and is overwhelming. Has anybody else experienced no energy, sleeping all the time, and increased depression as long as 2 years after treatment? My Oncologist says it it due to my use of pain killers which I have taken for at least 10 y
  6. Hi I have small cell lung cancer which was diagnosed in 2015 and was told that there was no time that they could give me for when this cancer usually takes peoples' lives. It was put to me as, don't believe the internet that says 5 years, that's not always the case. Well as I, thank The Lord, have come upon my 2 year mark with no more growth, my Dr. says, oh Small Cell Lung Cancer usually gives the patient only 18 months to live. So now that you're at the 2 year mark, you're considered in remission. If you get to the five year mark, we consider you cured. I find myself getting very f
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