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  1. Hi Katie, So nice of you! I am getting a new scan and a new biopsy the end of September. The insurance company won't pay for any treatments until they get a better biopsy. Strange how I need the darn thing to grow so they can get a better biopsy. Much less anxious about things and rolling w the punches. Not knowing is still the hardest but it is all steps in the game of life. Knowing that support is so close by REALLY helps. When I know more, I will share. Thanks again so much! Julie
  2. Katie, Thanks so much. I am currently on a vacation from doctors. It has really given my some peace and imagined control! My Mom died in December and the courts are closing everything in a couple weeks. I am busy, on my days off, with that. Then I will do heavy research and fight the insurance company. Having 3 radiation treatments vs having your chest opened and a part of your lung removed, seems like an easy choice. I am an RN and know that in the end, having a lobe removed is not the end of the world and I would have total recovery. I had a spinal fusion last year and don't have enough time to take 6 weeks off. I have plans to go to Norway in a year so don't want to use all my vacation time. It is green and sunny outside and there are flowers everywhere. I am learning that stopping to smell the roses, should be a daily if not hourly event! Julie
  3. Thanks, You guys are awesome! Julie
  4. Meloni, No, I have Providence Health Plan managed by Premera
  5. Oh the eternal waiting game. Would love a black and white answer too. Until then, live life to the fullest, be happy and do what you need to deal w anxiety! Hugs Julie
  6. I have been diagnosed w stage 1 adenocarcinoma. My insurance company won't pay for cyberknife and wants me to have a lobe removed. A big surgery vs easy treatment. I am very scared and can't get my anxiety under control
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