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  1. My husband has continued to smoke on and off. He has quit before so I know he cans but he goes back to it and "punishes me" with it when he is mad at me cuZ he knows how much it upsets me. He has already had 2 cousins and one brother all smokers die eithER of heart attack or lung cancer before the age of 50. He now has anothER smoking brother dieing of small cell carcinoma cancer as well. He probably has a few months at best. We have watched him go through chemo 2 times, brain radiation because it metastisized, immunotherapy. He is constantly weak and nauseated.  And I am VERY angry now that my husband chooses (yes choice because he has proven he can quit for a lengthy period when it was important enough for something to him) to continue to smoke. I can relate because if he ever does get lung cancer I will definitely have grief complicated by much anger. Already having difficulty with the anger now.

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