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  1. Hi LexieCat, Look at https://www.researchgate.net/publication/26334235_Psychogenic_carcinogenesis_Carcinogenesis_is_without_exogenic_carcinogens?ev=prf_high There are also other his research articles. regards, Michael
  2. Hi there To me the topic sounds very much in line with ideas of Simontons, Siegel, Leshan etc. Actually, I was looking for somebody who develops their ideas and found this Dr. Just wanted to hear if somebody tried this kind of service. Michael
  3. Hi! I've recently discovered the 'anticancer services' of Ukrainian psycho-oncologist Vladislav Matrenitsky M.D., Ph.D. He claims that cancer is psychosomatic illness which develops as a result of irresolvable psychic traumas, intrapersonal conflicts or other severe stresses turned into chronic state. This leads to emerging of a 'psychogenic oncodominant' in mind, discovered by scientists from the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. I quote: "This dominant firmly holds the place of the purpose of life dominant, and forms deep deformations of the psychosomatic system. Thus, the “mental neoplasm”, the oncological dominant, entails a somatic neoplasm – cancer. The psychogenic oncodominant, according to Russian scientists, usually does not disappear during the traditional, somatically oriented treatment. When “familiar” psychotraumatic stimuli appear, which often happens when the patient returns to his/her old way of life, the oncodominant can be reactivated. This leads to a recurrence of tumor growth. Consequently, successful treatment of oncological diseases is impossible without the psychotherapeutic elimination of the oncodominant." Any ideas if it worth to try?
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