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  1. Bridget O - I used to have a magic wand, given to me when I first entered into social services.....but lost it years ago. I tried using it several times, but apparently I don't know how to use them and it was a complete failure 😁
  2. My thoughts are with you during this time. I'm so very sorry for your loss
  3. Steff

    First Time Out

    I wandered into public for the first time in awhile to pick up some tomato and jalepeno plants - ours got zapped by the horrible wind we had for 4 straight days. I donned a handmade mask and a hat - the mask to supposedly protect others from my possible germs and the hat because I have not had a haircut since March. Not only was I overheated from wearing the mask and hat, I was overwhelmed by people! My neighborhood consists of 4 homes and 11 people, all separated by 5 acres each. We may see each other in the distance and wave, but that's about it! In my home, it's just my husband and I. We've gotten so accustomed to grocery pick up and Amazon deliveries that I am going to have a hard time entering society again!
  4. Susan - I echo your and Tom's thoughts - my mom says all of the time...I didn't beat lung cancer to die from this crap! lol I've been lucky enough to work from home too. I've come to absolutely love it and dread the day I must return to a physical office and coworkers (who aren't the furry, 4 legged type). As a part of management, I have had a voice in what our "new normal" will look like. My state has 4 phases of start-up, each County is considered a separate entity (apparently COVID doesn't cross county lines!). My county just entered Phase 2 (don't ask what that all means because I have no idea!), but it does mean that we are getting closer to going back to "normal" in a month or so. Now that I have a general timeline, my anxiety has peaked. I feel that if I am forced back into my physical office, I have to choose between my job and hugging my parents. I hate that this is a choice we have to make not only for ourselves but our loved ones. While I am less worried about myself or husband contracting the virus, our isolation is driven by our need to see our family. Although my concern has not been related to recreational activities at this point, I have given some thought as to what future concerts and similar large events will look like. I'm scared to think about it because my mom and my favorite thing to do is go to concerts. She has also gotten into the local non-professional hockey team in her town. I got her season tickets this year (prior to COVID) because she had so much fun with her friends at the games last year. I am sort-of hoping that the season will be cancelled so my mom isn't torn as to whether she should go or not. I really wish you had a crystal ball so you can tell us what to expect and what to do! lol
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