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    Jeni, I'm so sorry to hear about your mother's (pending) full diagnosis and even sorrier that the doc seems to be taking forever to get things started. 3 1/2 months from initial diagnosis to possible treatment seems like forever. I can tell you that my mom was originally diagnosed around Thanksgiving and did not have surgery until 2 months later. It was another 2.5 months after surgery that she finally started chemo and radiation. The delay wasn't due to testing, but other things, so it wasn't as frustrating as what you are going thru, but still worrisome. I would not take the rescheduling as a sign of good or bad regarding your mom's cancer, but perhaps a lack of good communication from the doc or worse, a lack of competency. The fact that they want to be sure of all test results first is a good thing but the fact that it is taking this long is hard for those who are doing the waiting. I don't know if it's an extreme time to wait, but I do know that treatment doesn't usually begin as quickly as we would like. You have every right to ask what is taking so long and vent your worry about treatment being delayed several times. Make the doc reasonably answer your question. Continue to ask questions until you feel they have answered them. Awhile ago, a fellow forum member reminded me that we are the customers, we have every right to have our questions reasonably answered because we are paying for the service. Take Care, Steff