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    Steff reacted to Lisa L in Nodule Update   
    Hey guys, had my 4th Ct scan a couple of days ago and had a video call with my pulmonologist this morning.  I have been dealing with this 9mm nodule for a year and a half and the good news is it has stayed the same, no growth.  My doc is leaning toward a scar but with my smoking history I will have another scan in 6 months and if that one is also good it’s really up to me what I do going forward.  I expressed that I would just prefer to get a scan once a year probably for the rest of my life just to be safe and he totally agreed.  With that said I always check in and see how all my friends are doing.  Big thank you to Michelle, Patty, Curt, and Tom for checking on me  and I will continue to post updates because I hope my story gives people hope just like all of your stories did for me, until next time!  Love and light ❤️
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    Steff reacted to Tbaker in Saw doctor Thursday   
    I saw my oncologist Thursday. I was told that within 2 weeks another scan and if everything looks good then one more chemo treatment and afterwards I'll be on immunotherapy (Keytruda ) he seems happy with how well I'm doing with my treatment. 
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    Steff reacted to Claudia in My way to say thank you   
    Hi Everyone!
    Just a quickie to let you know that now my students want to donate to LUNGevity too. I put a little mention on all my emails to them that I am donating monthly to LUNGevity to say thank you and now my students want to join in. Good Karma. Just sayin'.....Peace, light and good scans to everyone, Claudia
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    Steff got a reaction from Claudia in I am new. I have NSCLC Stage IV. Need support.   
    Welcome sashjo,
    If it is support you want, you have come to the right place.  We all understand what it is like to not feel normal due to lung cancer.  Feel free to share as much or as little as you like about yourself and your lung cancer.  These forums are great resources for information on current treatments and survivorship, so also feel free to look around.  Let us know how we can help.
    Take Care,
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    Steff got a reaction from Tom Galli in Chemo round 3   
    Bone pain isn't unheard of with chemo or immunotherapy, but you should definitely let your doc know.  There is likely something to help alleviate the pain.  Unfortunately, with chemo, most side effects continue with each treatment, but immunotherapy is a bit different in that side effects come and go.  Your depression could be a side effect of your treatment or just life in general.  Your docs can also suggest some things that might help with that too.  The nice thing about it is that you can accept or decline whatever suggestions they have for both issues, if you don't like their suggestions.  But it's important to report to your docs and nurses what you are experiencing.  
    Take care,
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    Steff got a reaction from sashjo in I am new. I have NSCLC Stage IV. Need support.   
    Welcome sashjo,
    If it is support you want, you have come to the right place.  We all understand what it is like to not feel normal due to lung cancer.  Feel free to share as much or as little as you like about yourself and your lung cancer.  These forums are great resources for information on current treatments and survivorship, so also feel free to look around.  Let us know how we can help.
    Take Care,
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    Steff got a reaction from Tom Galli in I am new. I have NSCLC Stage IV. Need support.   
    Welcome sashjo,
    If it is support you want, you have come to the right place.  We all understand what it is like to not feel normal due to lung cancer.  Feel free to share as much or as little as you like about yourself and your lung cancer.  These forums are great resources for information on current treatments and survivorship, so also feel free to look around.  Let us know how we can help.
    Take Care,
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    Steff reacted to MBinOregon in Friday Zoom Meetup Sign Up   
    I joined once last month (was not aware it was a weekly thing 😁) - Katie was awesome.  Michelle @Rower Michelle is too good at "guess what word is being described" game 🤣  Other than my "cancer mentor" in Chicago, that was the first time I talked to any lung cancer patients and it was very heartwarming as in "awww these are my peeps" kinda way.
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    Steff got a reaction from MarieE in It's back ... Time for a treatment reboot   
    I'm sorry to hear about your husband's lung cancer recurrence.  I hope that a treatment plan is set quickly so he can "get the show on the road".
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    Steff reacted to Claudia in My way to say thank you   
    Hi Everyone!
    It has been a few months since I have stopped in to see how y"all were doing in these crazy, scary times. I hope you are all staying safe and not taking any undue chances. I know I'm very nervous about going out anywhere. I haven't been out of the house other than going to the doctor's office for my Keytruda every 3 weeks for months.  I've been watching LOTS of TV and doing a lot of yoga as I am not only a yogi but I'm a yoga teacher and had been teaching for over 10 years when I got my diagnosis. 
    A quick story of my stage 4 lung cancer is it was caught in pre-ops for an upcoming shoulder replacement surgery in January 2019. I was in shock and petrified as most people are when first diagnosed. The universe sent me to this website where people like Tom, Rower Michele and so many others treated me with kindness but also with truth. Yes, I was scared but I was told not to freak out, try to think positive thoughts and as Tom signs off "stay the course" (maybe the best advice I ever got). Chemo was hard but it took 85% of my cancer away. That's about a year ago and I have been on only Keytruda ever since. I had a PET scan in January 2020 that showed the "nodule" that was left in my lung had grown slightly and the SUV went up a few ticks. My oncologist (the best EVER) sent me for SBRT radiation treatment in hopes of, in dr's words, "zapping it." I went for 5 treatments and it was easy peasy. My favorite of treatment of all  I have been put through.
    Now, the wait. I had to wait 3 months before I could have another scan which I had in the middle of the whole Covid thing. The results were great. My oncologist was thrilled. The nodule was zapped and although there is still something (like a smushed up thing) there my oncologist thinks that my next scan will be really really good. I'm not out of the woods yet. I guess I'll never be but my hopes are high. I hope not too high.
    As I said before I am a yoga teacher but I was down to teaching one class a week because of not knowing how I would feel from day to day,  the extreme fatigue from the Keytruda and of course my mind telling me I wasn't really a teacher I was really Cancer Girl. Once Covid hit I started taking online yoga classes and I realized that online classes could be something that I could do. I wouldn't have to leave my house and even if I was tired I could make it though teaching an hour and 15 minute class. It actually takes my mind off it. So  I decided to give it a try.
    I contacted some of my old students and I started teaching 3 Zoom classes a week. 2 gentle mat yoga classes and one chair yoga class. I started classes up at the beginning of June and have been shocked at the attendance by my old students. They were thrilled to have me back. So, here is the reason for this whole long story. I will be making a donation to LUNGevity monthly from my yoga classes. As of today this month's donation will be $50-$100 based on student attendance.I will make this donation after the 1st of every month. 
    You guys and gals have helped me so much I can't even tell you and I know I haven't contributed much to the website. Now I can pay you back for all you have done and continue to do for me. Thank you all for how much you have helped me along this journey. I love you all and my hopes for you are good scans, a long happy life and much peace and light in your lives. 
    Namaste, Claudia
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    Steff reacted to LouT in My trip into the "real" world.....   
    Like many of you I've stayed home for the most part.  I've made a few trips to drop things off at the memory care unit where my wife is.  They are in lockdown for the last 12 weeks, but I do get to speak with her daily.  I too had to go to my dentist and they did have shields on as well...it's all pretty surrealistic out there right now.  I've also been hearing that cases are rising here in NC, but information is sometimes scant (is it infections or case or hospital admissions, etc.), so I "mask up", keep hand sanitizer on me and a small spray bottle with bleach solution to clean things I have to touch.  Having to stay home has allowed me to do major projects around the house, but they're all done and frankly I need to get out a bit...I guess I'll continue to load my car up with my two pooches and take them for a ride (they love rides)...
    Stay safe everybody...
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    Steff reacted to TMC in Pneumonectomy June 1st   
    Hi Susan,
    Well he's been home 1 week today...so two weeks since surgery.  He's being stubborn about the walking and breathing exercises.  They have him on a beta blocker for 2 more weeks and it makes him so sick he doesn't want to do anything but sleep.  I hope things start moving along after he's finished with that.  I know how important it is for him to walk, but he just says he's too weak and breathless to do it.  I can only hope things will get better soon.  His actual surgery went great though.   He was a very active man before all of this, I am praying he finds the willpower to get up and do the walking and spirometer like he's supposed to. It's only been 2 weeks so hopefully next week will be better.   Thank you for asking.
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    Steff reacted to Tom Galli in First Time Out   
    Several asked for photos of the cardinals at my feeder. The big male didn't show but juvenile cardinals had a good time learning feeder educate. Top bird is a male and bottom is a female. These are newly fledged and mom & dad have kicked them out of the nest while they hatch more. Birdwatching is great fun!

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    Steff got a reaction from Susan Cornett in Scan results   
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    Steff reacted to Susan Cornett in Scan results   
    I had my latest scan last week and I continue to be NED! I've been stable for almost 2 years so Super Doc says I don't have to come back for 6 months. I'm a little nervous about that as I was going every 3 months, then 4 months, but he says it's time. Like a baby bird not quite ready to leave the nest......
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    Steff reacted to BridgetO in Fun Outdoors While COVID Sequestered   
    Our first in person social event while sequestered was dinner on some friends' front porch this weekend.  We brought takeout food (each person's choice of bowl) so that we didn't need to share food or utensils. They have a big porch and they brought out their long dining room table. We sat at one end and they sat at the other, more than 6 feet apart. After dinner, we had a walk in their neighborhood with our masks on. It was  a relief to see friends i person.It seemed safe enough, although if I had been in treatment, I'm not sure that I would have chanced it. 
    Bridget O
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    Steff reacted to Susan Cornett in Fun Outdoors While COVID Sequestered   
    I'm going out to play with others tomorrow. I'm having a socially distanced brunch at a park near the lake. I'm meeting two friends at a park - masks required - and we'll maintain a minimum of 6 feet apart. Fortunately, the friend who hangs out at the nail salon and gym won't make it tomorrow. Not sure she really respects the need for my social distancing. I'm looking forward to listening to the birds and getting away from the house. 
    Post some pictures from your bird adventures, Tom!
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    Steff reacted to Lisa B in Hello! Introducing myself.   
    Hello Everyone!
    I have been joining the Friday Zoom gatherings and have really found comfort and the support I am needing.  I had seen this Forum page and then heard a bit mentioned during the gatherings and decided I needed to join.
    I live in Iowa just southeast of Des Moines with my Husband.  We have 2- children, both boys.  One is out of the house, married and has a beautiful daughter with a baby on the way.  Our youngest graduating high school this year and has enlisted in the Army and will leave on July 14th for basic training.  We also have lake home in Missouri on the Lake of the Ozarks that we enjoy. 
    My cancer journey so far:
    I was diagnosed on December 26th just last year(2019).  I have stage IV adenocarcinoma - no genetic markers; I am not sure if you call that negative or normal or something else?  I have a spot in my upper left lobe, then 2 spots in the left lower lobe area in the pleural lining and then my medial sternal lymph nodes are involved.  I started Chemotherapy on February 3rd with Carboplatin, Alimta and Keytruda.  After my 4th round I had scans which showed  only 1/2 cm shrinkage to the tumor in my left upper lobe and no change to my other sites.  Rounds 5-7 have been with just Alimta and Keytruda.  I am scheduled for a PET scan on the 24th and will get the results on the 26th.  If there is good change the plan is to continue on Alimata and Keytruda if there is no change or not enough change then my Physician is talking about trying a different chemotherapy drug.  I will go on Monday the 29th for my next round of chemo- whatever combination that might be.
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    Steff reacted to DanielleJW in Hi 👋 Dealing with Nodules?   
    Hi All 
    Firstly to Lisa L my fingers and toes are crossed for you that all is well at your next scan.
    Ive just returned from the lung specialist and there has been no change to size and shape of the 3 lung nodules. Since they have been checked now for 2 years with no change I’m good to go and no further scans will be done ... well for the immediate future anyway. This ends my lung nodule adventure for now. I hope that by following this thread right through it helps someone else out there at the starting blocks in some way.
    My thoughts are with everyone on this forum who has either been through or is going through a lung cancer diagnosis. Bless x
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    Steff reacted to Tom Galli in Fun Outdoors While COVID Sequestered   
    I'm an amateur birder. I've been fascinated by wildlife my entire life but I especially enjoy watching and listening to birds. Today, I had great fun and made a discovery. First the fun--I placed my lawn chair in a shady spot in my front yard (extreme social distance observed) in the mid-afternoon heat (94-degrees). It was about 20 feet distant from my black sunflower seed bird feeder. The last time I did this, I disturbed the "boss cardinal" and he flittered around me expressing his displeasure. This time I Googled "Male Cardinal Bird Call" and played it on my phone. I was soon surrounded by a covey of male cardinals each singing to outdo the other. I had my very own avian concert and competing birds got quite close to observe this strange looking "cardinal" in a lawn chair!
    Next the discovery--We are starting to experience a cicada emergence in North Texas. The noise can be overwhelming. I noticed a pair of blue jays hunting among the trees of the cul-de-sac lawn area and I played a bluejay bird call on my phone. The cicada noise stopped immediately. I guess cicadas are high up on the menu choice for bluejays. 
    Go outside safely in the shade and....
    Stay the course.
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    Steff got a reaction from Lin wilki in Good scan!!!   
    Great news on your scan!
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    Steff reacted to Lin wilki in Good scan!!!   
    First scan since starting my target drug. Kadcyla.   Finally a good response. Tumors dying from inside and opacities cleared up Amazing!!
    Too bad I still have fatigue, cough, dry mouth. Oh well doc says celebrate 🎉 so I shall
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    Steff got a reaction from Tom Galli in First Time Out   
    I wandered into public for the first time in awhile to pick up some tomato and jalepeno plants - ours got zapped by the horrible wind we had for 4 straight days.  I donned a handmade mask and a hat - the mask to supposedly protect others from my possible germs and the hat because I have not had a haircut since March.  Not only was I overheated from wearing the mask and hat, I was overwhelmed by people! My neighborhood consists of 4 homes and 11 people, all separated by 5 acres each.  We may see each other in the distance and wave, but that's about it! In my home, it's just my husband and I.  We've gotten so accustomed to grocery pick up and Amazon deliveries that I am going to have a hard time entering society again! 
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    Steff got a reaction from MarieE in It's back ... Time for a treatment reboot   
    The waiting is the worst!
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    Steff reacted to Susan Cornett in First Time Out   
    Hello all - 
    I did venture to the store with my husband last week for our weekly grocery pick-up. He opens the back of the Tahoe and the masked employee stays 6 feet away. This is the excitement in my life these days! I have a scan coming up in a couple of weeks so that will be my first time in a building (other than my own home) since March 11th. I may not remember how to behave in public! Obviously our community has to be more cautious with our outings but goodness, I need to be able to go wander around a store or go see my parents and friends. 
    I hope you are all well. I think I'll venture outside for a little sunshine.
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