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  1. Hey Lee, 

    Just mentioned this to Steff and Tom--my daughter is new on the scene. Last summer she came out to me as trans. She came out to her dad earlier this year, and this will be the first time I've been with her since she went full femme (at Christmas she was wearing baggy clothes). So I'm trying to scout docs for her ongoing hormone therapy, as well as an good place for electrolysis. 

    I was really touched when she came out to me--she said she was telling me first because I'd be her strongest ally. Made me feel like I must have done a FEW things right. It's been a bit tough for her dad to adjust to. He loves her, but he's a worrier by nature.

    Anyway, I'm really glad she can be here and I think she is, too. Oh, and she goes by Steph now. LOL, the one person who had an issue with her name was her brother, Jeff ("Did she HAVE to pick a name that rhymes?"). I told him to pity ME--people will think I named my kids so they had cutesy rhyming names.

  2. Hey, Tom,

    Just tried to send you a private message, and got a notification you "cannot receive messages"--do you know what's up with that?


    1. Tom Galli

      Tom Galli

      The site was down a while ago and I couldn’t send or receive anything. 


    2. LexieCat


      I know--I was tearing my hair out all afternoon--just ask Lauren!  But it seems to be fixed now--I'm not sure why you can't receive messages.  I just sent myself a test message and that worked.  When I tried (again) to send to you, though, it says "Tom Galli cannot receive messages."  

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