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  1. Hi All,

    On July 31st I will have my first set of scans following 3 txs of Pembro+Pemetrexed+Carboplatin, preceded by Gamma Knife to 14 more METS than expected in my brain, for NSCLC stage 4. I'm surrounded by loving and supportive family and friends and life partner, Marc, but for the first time, despite not feeling any negative side effects from tx, I'm beginning to feel frightened that the tx may not have shrunk any of the tumors...  I have been able to function fairly well psychologically, but the reality of the upcoming scans and consult are beginning to hit.  I'm sure everyone has experienced this. Nonetheless, it is daunting. If anyone has words of wisdom about this part of the journey, I'd be most grateful.  The results will determine the answers to many decisions I need to make related to my continuing work, continuing studies and how I choose to create meaning and use my time well.  Staying in the now becomes harder as August first approaches.  Thanks, All.


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