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  1. Kimi


    Just checking in! I have been very busy running my little boutique. So happy I am still able to do so and this is a busy time. I am a stage 111a nsclc survivor. I was diagnosed in May of 2017. I know Tom has me beat but if you have fought stage 111a longer than I have please give me a boost of encouragement! I still have days I don’t feel the greatest and my energy level is still not like it was. However I still keep trying to go forward. Wishing everyone a peaceful Holiday Season.
  2. The same as your mom’s, pneumonitis with infection. I look like a Humpty Dumpty from all the Prednisone! lol! Hopefully this to shall pass.
  3. I am glad yours was with a short course. I will be glad to be done with it. Thanks for the response.
  4. Thank you Judy. I go back to my doctors in Texas June 11th so hopefully I will have answers. I do not have COPD and did very well after my lobectomy. I think somehow my breathing was worse after radiation. I finish the prednisone the first week of June also. I have lots of questions for this visit! I am grateful I am still here but I do hope my breathing improves. Seems I rant about it a lot! lol. I am hoping to get off prednisone. My face is very swollen!
  5. I have been done with radiation since Dec12, 2017. I am now starting my fifth week of Prednisone and still have shortness of breath. Has anyone experienced this?
  6. Kimi


    Hopefully mine will get better! Thanks for the replies.
  7. Kimi


    Seems like I am always asking questions! I was curious if anyone’s breathing seems much worse after radiation?
  8. I was hoping for a long list of survivors. We just have to keep fighting! Happy for those of us here.
  9. When was your diagnosis of lung cancer and what stage were you? I was giagnosed in May 2017 with Stage 3a.
  10. That’s the exact supplements I take except for the DIM.
  11. Kimi


    I still have a cough. My doctor said I had inflammation in my right lung from radiation. My scan was otherwise good. I was so happy!
  12. Kimi


    Hopefully it will keep working. Prayers for you and your mother.
  13. Kimi


    I am trying Tom. Hope all is going well for you.
  14. Kimi


    Thank you Steff. I think everything that goes wrong is because my cancer is back. I will be glad to get pass that! Are you finished with your treatments?
  15. Kimi


    Hope everyone is doing well. My first scans since I finished radiation will be February 12th. I am a little nervous! I am sure this is normal! I still have a cough that sounds terrible. I developed this after radiation. Worries me!
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