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  1. Fellow Survivors,

    Tomorrow, October 5th, Martha and I depart to attend my 50th year high school reunion.  Then following the reunion, we are traversing the Saint Lawrence Seaway to take in the fall colors by cruise ship.

    I left Havertown, Pennsylvania in 1968 and after attending college in Ohio and an Army career, I rarely returned to my hometown. Although we have no close friends among my high school alumni, we have a shared experience and thus celebrating this life milestone is important.

    Treatments and outcomes have vastly improved since my diagnosis. Sadly even with improvement, my disease remains the most lethal of all cancers.  Today Martha and I live by looking forward to a calendar filled with things we enjoy. We do that because joy is the gift of life. So if you are looking forward to a sea cruise in the winter or a boulevard cruise of your hometown tomorrow night, find the joy in life.  

    We'll return on October 22nd.  Till then....

    Stay the course.


    1. Roz



      Wishing you and Martha a wonderful trip!!!

      Looking forward to hearing all about it when you return!

      Take care,


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  2. Susan,

    It was so encouraging for me to read that you are a Stage 4 adenocarcinoma survivor. You are the first person that I have connected with who shares this diagnosis with me. I know there are others out there, but I have not crossed their paths. I have had my lower left lung lobe removed (VATS) and my upper right lung lobe removed (open chest surgery), and then three rounds of chemo. My follow-up CT in March was clear. I will have CT's every 3 months for two years. I would really like to connect to other survivors and also people who have had the thoracotomy surgery. Thanks for being willing to share your knowledge and encouragement.

    1. Roz


      Sending positive thoughts for your upcoming CT scan. Thanks for being "here."


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