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  1. Way to go Lisa. I know how difficult it is to do interviews without being totally nervous. We're all very proud of you for stepping up and taking this on. I can hardly wait to see it and the impact it might have on our cause. Thanks, and take care. David P.
  2. Hi there Barb. We haven't officially met yet. My name is David. How do you do? I am well, thank you. Wow, look whose talking about being supportive -- you who only joined a few months ago and have a couple hundred posts already; they're all over the board in all the forums; you're always praying for someone, and God Blessing them; and you always seem so darned happy and positive! Barb, you epitomize what this website and message board were started for. We are all thankful that you continue to give of yourself. Thank you Barb, and take care. David P.
  3. Hey there DonnaTomgorad. ALWAYS expect the unexpected! I too expected my life would soon be over at the ripe old age of 19, after all, - "they" told me it would be. But that's not the way I saw it...and I'm lucky enough to still be around. Get some more information. Find the best medical people you can. Find that positive attitude - it's there somewhere. And don't give up. Keep us posted Donna. (and I'd love to hear the story behind the "Tomgorad" handle). Take care. David P.
  4. Hey there Mary Lou. Welcome. And as you can see, the advice and support you will receive from the caring individuals on this message board is from the heart - from those that have "been there, done that." There are many here surviving multiple reoccurrences, as for me, I was lucky enough to only have one occurrence -- but they told me I was going to be pushing up daisies... and I'm still here. You must have hope; don't consider the worst; always be positive; encourage your friend to seek out the best medical advice around, to eat healthy and stay active, and don't give up. Sounds like you've
  5. David P

    Cathy R has passed

    Please accept my condolences on the passing of your beautiful daughter. We will all miss her, and always remember her for her strength. David P.
  6. David P

    Mom is gone

    Dear Melissa. I too am sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. Please accept my condolences to you and your family. Take care. David P.
  7. I agree with Addie, Pat. There is room in all this for you. It might not have to be all about you, but there is room at the Inn for Pat. Don't be so hard on yourself.(and you'd have a hard time trying to convince all who have read your posts that it has been all about you - we know you better than that). Take care. David P.
  8. David P

    Need support

    Hey there Mare. Two years is a long time -- Congratulations. But if you need something to help you stay on track, consider this in a logical fashion... Clean air through your delicate lungs...OR... Polluting, filthy, dirty, chemical filled air saturating your delicate lungs... Easy choice, isn't it? Take care. David P.
  9. David P

    Leg Pain

    Hi Rachel. Hope you figure out the pain thing. And here's to good scan results. Take care, and keep us posted. David P.
  10. Hey Becky, and welcome. It's good to hear you have been finding comfort in reading messages on the board, and it's nice to see you finally post. My advice is to be aggressive with your questions and your search for answers. In my experience here, I have seen this is not a disease you can play a waiting game with. Be hard nosed with your research, your questions, and your demands. And if you can swing it, and you're not totally satisfied with your mom's doctors' efforts -- second opinions never hurt. Take care Becky, and keep us posted. David P.
  11. David P


    Congratulations Don and Lucie for going the extra distance to help others travelling such a familiar road. I know what you mean Don, when you say how much it helps the two of you when you are in the support roll. I have been attending LC support meetings monthly for the past five months; and even though the conversations are the same as we have here on the message board, it takes on a much more personal feel when done face to face. Way to go you two -- you continue to inspire and motivate many of us with all your examples of caring and sharing. Take care. David P.
  12. Hi Karen. I want to thank you for choosing to stay an active member of the message board. You have a wealth of experience that will help many people get through what you are experiencing. And I don't think I have ever heard it described before -- the things a spouse must do and the feelings one must deal with when a spouse passes away. Thanks for that. Take care Karen; I look forward to seeing you post when you get all settled in. David P.
  13. Hey there Fay. I agree whole heartedly with all who have already posted, although I have never experienced anything like that myself. But having known you since the onset of our message board, and knowing your affinity for speaking your mind -- how is it you didn't say something to enlighten this assistant right then and there? I know, you have your reasons. Anyway, enough is enough!! I can't keep it in any longer. Fay, imagine I am looking into your eyes... "Fay, you poor thing." Take care. David P.
  14. Glad to hear you're feeling better, Peggy. It must be very difficult for you and Don right now, but it sounds like he's in good hands. Unfortunately the choice to go ahead with treatment is the best of two evils. Take care, and make sure you get some "Peggy Time" in there as well -- it will help you deal with the stress and worry of it all. David P.
  15. Thanks Maryanne and Caryl for keeping us posted. This is a difficult time for anyone dealing with later stages of this disease. My thoughts are with Cathy and her family, and the new baby. David P.
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