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  1. Hi Heather. I too have been diagnosed with the same. I had developed a "laryngitis" this past May 2017 and after 2 family doctor's and 3 ENT's it was discovered I have 2 left lung NSCLC nodules that spread to 1 lymph node. The Cleveland Clinic is where I am seeking solutions, I am definitely scared to death that what they want to do to me will only kill me....more... In your discussions with others, have you come across other therapies that were less toxic, possibly more effective and maybe something you said to yourself "If only I'd have known, I would have done that"? There's a lot onlin
  2. Is anyone struggling with the concept of Chemo? And the tremendous toxins they want to inject in my body....verses possibly changing lifestyle and going the nutrition route? Of course every family member and friend wants me to go Chemo/Rad. I had 2 nodules removed from my left lung and a lymph node that it apparently spread to... The lymph node resting so close to my vocal cord nerve that I developed a "laryngitis" that caused the need to determine cause when standard measures proved to fail to solve. I felt great, short of the noticeable voice impact, and still do after surgery, short
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