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  1. Thank you all for your good wishes and support. I hope and pray that all of you can beat this terrible disease. Carole
  2. sadly my husband died from a massive heart attack before we recieved the bad news that his cancer had spread to his abdominal area. the cancer in the lung had been partly wiped out by radiation but it had spread and ahuge new tumor was in the abdoman. they were not sure what it was but did a needle biopsy. it turned out that it was adenocarcinoma. we are all very sad of course but it may have been for the best in his case. carole
  3. Hi Charlie, I sure hope that ct scan will be fine and you can have the best 3 months of the NYS year off to rest and enjoy yourself. Frank on last week of chemo and radiation. Sure hope he can get summer off as ell. It sure is a tough fight. Carole
  4. My husband was hoarse after the broncoscopy for several months. it was really strange. his voice is ok now but it did seem odd to us that it took so long. but it very slowly got better. carole
  5. Hi Charlie, I am very happy for you. It sounds like all those trips to RP are paying off. Carole
  6. Beth, I am glad the thing is shrinking but I am sorry you don't feel better. Frank, my husband, did not feel well last night but today is much better. I am trying to send positive vibes your way and hope tomorrow you will feel much improved. Carole
  7. This evening my husband had burning pain in throat and sharp pain from neck to above ear on same side as radiation which was given today. I called radiation doc and he said was not sure but if it got worse would meet us at ER. It got better so we did not go. Has anyone had a similar experience? Any ideas as to what it could be. Friday we go back to NYS. Just hope we make trip OK. THank you for your help and support. Carole
  8. Hi Starry, One suggestion I have is to file for child support. Your child's father should be paying if he is not. Also if he has health insurance she should be on his plan. There probably is no waiting period for public assistance if you need to go that route. I am sorry that life is so hard for you right now. I guess you just have to take it one day at a time which is easier said that done. Carole
  9. Charlie, Will add our prayers to yours. Wouldn't be just great if the alima has really kicked that cancer's butt. Hope you are feeling well now that spring is at last in NY......We will be there next week. Carole
  10. My husband is now having radiation 5 times per week and chemo once. He says he is losing ability to taste much. Must be from the treatment(s). Any advice. Will it come back. He loves to eat so this makes me feel very sad.....Carole
  11. I tried to read it before but I could not get open the aticle with my computer. THis is the first time I have read it and it sounds very exciting. I bet the other people could not read it either. Thank you for posting it. I am going to ask my husbands's new ONC about it when we get back to NYS.....His appt will be 27 April. THank you again. Carole
  12. My husband has had about 10 radiation treatments and 2 days ago seemed to lose much of his hearing. could this be from the radiation? Carole
  13. they have changed my husband's treatment. now it will be radiation 5 days per week and carbo,taxotere once a week. this will be until we go back to nys on 23 april and he is evaluated there. right now he just seems tired. what should we expect? thank you. Carole
  14. Beth, I think it must be possible to feel Ok with stage IV. My husband was diagnosed with stage Iv in Nov. after he had a car accident and they were doing routine x rays for broken ribs. good news -ribs fine. bad news 5.5 cent tumor. his only symptom was a slight cough. now of course he is very depressed and who could blame him. Hope you are feeling better today. My husband does not seem to have any shortness of breath. Carole
  15. my husband had 7 carbo taxol treatments and lost almost no hair. so i guess not every one loses their hair. carole
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