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    Lung cancer patient/survivor
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    Learning how others deal with emotional impact with living with terminal cancer and how to explain to family members how stress can have extraordinary affects on a cancer patient.

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  1. The chemo didn't lessen my pain at all. I had a lot of side effects, like Peripheral neuropathy, trouble swallowing and dental problems. My hand and toe nails fell off and I had upper back pain from the pleural infusion. I'm on Norco 10 that I take 4 times a day and believe we shouldn't suffer if there is pain meds available. Like my doctor said, the least thing you should be concerned about is getting addicted to pain meds. I'm dying soon so I want to be as comfortable as possible. If pain meds aren't the solution, perhaps a sleep aid can help or muscle relaxer. Debra I We
  2. Maigan, I'm curious to know what type of cancer does she have. I was on the Carboplatin and Alimta combo as well for Stage 4 Lung Cancer with malignant pleural infusion. I'm finding it difficult to get much information from this type of cancer. Debra
  3. Hello, I'm Debra and was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer with plural infusion resulting in terminal cancer. I was diagnosed a year and 4 months ago which is a miracle because they expected me to survive less than 6 months unless the chemo responded. This cancer has very prognosis and my health status prior to my diagnosis is fairly poor. I also have a serious digestive disease that required the removal of my colon, rectum, anus and part of my small intestine. I had decided not to do any research or join any discussion boards on cancer because of the enormous amount of research I had done on my digestive disease. I know one thing everyone needs to connect with others who are living with similar diseases. I also want to spread awareness about the anticancer method that no one tells you. Why? because the medical industry doesn't profit from this information. Debra
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