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    Lung cancer patient/survivor
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    I would like to know who has the same cancer and share ideas and experience

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  1. Hi Meloni , I'm interesting , could you email me these slide show [email protected] many thanks in advance
  2. Hi thanks for your reply . this is to update you , now I completed two months and half with Alectinib . so far there is an improvement in tumor size , it starts shrinking , yet , it slow progress but something is better than nothing the most exciting thing there is few side effects like fatigue , few diarrhea . my last blood test shows there is no effect so far on the kidney and liver . the tumor marker are going down . most of the bad symptoms are gone away , no more cough , no more short breath except when I'm on heavy activity , Thanks God my next scan on 22nd of Ap
  3. Hi everyone I'm new member and I have been diagnosed with NSLC ALK positive met.advanced stage 4. I do start Alecitinib one months ago . my x.ray still shows unchanged result but my symptoms start to go better . now I don't have much breath shortened and cough as I had before . I will let you know after I have my first PET CT .
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