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  1. Hi, I had my surgery on 2/13. My surgeon first did an opening in my front neck area and extracted lymph node sample. The pathology report came back with no cancer cells. But they also found fungus infection and potential TB infection. My surgeon came out to tell my wife at least she knows that there is no cancer in lymph nodes. For the next 3 hours or so, surgeon made a 4 inch long incision in my back on the right side, and he ended up removing about 1/4 of my right lung including the nodule and surrounding area that are infected by the fungus. The nodule is a lung granuloma not cancerous. When I woke up, I was in ICU room. My wife is outside talking with a nurse. I asked a nurse close to me if she is crying? She said, no, she is laughing with that other nurse. OK. good news, I guess. The next 2 days, I continued to stay in this isolated ICU because the original pathology report showing potential TB. Everyone has to wear a mask to come in. We told families and friends do not come visit. First, the hospital residence doctor, an internist, came to see me. He was the one who signed to order to admit me, and later discharge me. Then, he asked a pulmonologist to examine my lung. He said they are still checking on my TB status waiting for the culture result. Due to public health issue, they will have to put me in isolation until cleared. The first night was painful since I had a traditional incision wound not VATS method with 3 little holes. I kept asking for the strongest pain shot every 2 hours but I still had no sleep. The next day, pulmonologist came saying they now need to ask an infectious disease specialist to come and see what type of fungus I have in my lung. She came soon and thinks that I have a type of fungus local in south west part of US, in California, Arizona, Utah area. She thinks my pneumonia last October and the nodule are all related to this fungus. But she needs to wait for the culture result to confirm. Later that day, they cleared of my TB and no one needs to wear masks to see me anymore. Soon, they moved me out of ICU to a regular semi-private room. This was the 3rd day in hospital. Day 4, pain is now controlled. Now I learned that I could ask for Toradol every 6 hours, and Norco (4 hours effect) in between to bridge the gap. Doctors continue to visit me. Later that day, the head nurse on this floor suddenly moved me to an isolated room because she was not sure of my TB status even though doctors said I am cleared at this point. Fine, I am back in a private room. Everybody starts to wear masks again. Later that day, my surgeon's colleague (another surgeon) came and examined me and checked the tube fluid. He then removed my tube. The Infectious disease doctor came and said my culture started to grow mold. She is now confirmed that the type of fungus I have is coccidioides immitis. She ordered antifungal IV shot. Later, it is converted to oral pills and I will take it every day. I will continue this treatment for 2-3 months. Day 5, still in isolation room, but nurses said do not worry about the masks. They all know that I am cleared for TB, but no one will go challenge the head nurse. Doctor gave a shower order and an order for a pneumonia vaccine. I was finally discharged at 5PM. I am now at home recovering. Hospital told me that I will need to make an appointment to see my Primary doctor, surgeon, Pulmonologist, and infectious disease doctor for follow up. My new treatment has just begun, but for now I am cleared of TB and cancer. I am now anxious to see all the bills, even though I do have a PPO insurance from work. I wish all friends in this forum who are still fighting with your fight, a speedy successful recovery. Thank you all, Frank
  2. Bridget, The surgery will be VATS. I will have one small hole in my chest for lymph node biopsy, and 3 holes on my right side. My surgeon said he would like to stick his finger or hand in to feel the nodule to make sure instead of just relying on the video sometimes. So, the side hole might be a little larger. He warned me about the pain after surgery. I will take pain than the unthinkable. I ordered a wedge pillow per your recommendation from Amazon. Hope that will work. Frank
  3. LexieCat, My wife accompanied me today to see my surgeon. He said my lung test was A+. Heart test was also good. I am a good candidate for surgery. He proposed total 3 variations of surgery. There is one day solution: take lymph note sample, wait 30 minutes, then remove nodule. Option 2: take lymph node sample, stay in hospital and wait for the pathology report next day, and then go in for 2nd surgery to remove the nodule. The 3rd variation, is on day one, remove lymph nodes and nodule, then get both to biopsy, and wait to see results on next day. We chose the first option. My surgery is scheduled on 2/13 (Tuesday). So, he will do a small incision in my chest first to go to the lymph nodes that are close to my trachea because that is what the radiologist report show with enlarged lymph nodes. He will wait 30 minutes for the pathology report on the lymph nodes. He said at this time, the biopsy results is only 85% accurate. The true accurate results will be known the next day. If there is cancer in lymph node sample, he will then remove a larger piece in my right lower lobe, then I will need to do chemo after recovery from surgery. If there is no cancer in lymph node, he will remove the nodule with smaller area. Both lymph node sample, and nodule will be frozen for detail biopsy and results will be known the next day. If any of them found with cancer, I will still need to begin chemo. I will continue to exercise until the day of surgery to build up my strength. I am nervous and scared of the unknown.
  4. LexieCat, Are these steps all happened on the same day, in the same operation? Meaning, the pathologist is on scene to do biopsy? And your surgeon will wait for the result. Once the result is known, surgeon then decide on how large the area to remove? And you had this level of detail in your pre-op discussion with your surgeon so he does not have to come out and ask family what his next step should be? Correct? I am putting this scenario in my question list. I am bringing my wife as 2nd set of ears. My first meeting with my surgeon is all a big blur due to my stress. Hopefully, my wife can have a clear head to ask the right questions and the exact procedure for my surgery. Thanks Frank
  5. Robert, I watched youtube video for lung function test before I went for mine. I am not sure how well I did. I did the treadmill test fine. I am waiting for my appointment next Wednesday. Waiting is the hardest. Tom coined a term, 'Scanziety'. And I have that for my surgery. I wish you pass the test, and successful with your surgery. Frank
  6. Thank you all for your responses and suggestions. English is not my native tongue, so it might not be easy to read, but I will try to be clear. Tom, I read your suggestion of having a good primary doctor in other threads. I have seen my primary doctor for 20 years so I do have some level of trust in him. I spoke with him after his office giving me the referral of a Thoracic surgeon, instead of other type of doctors. He said he also thinks that it is a proper step to think of removing the nodule at this stage. He said he knows this surgeon for 'decades' already and they worked together for other patients. Lung surgery is what they do regularly. He said he can refer me to an oncologist once biopsy is confirmed. I asked if I need a 2nd opinion to review my condition. He basically said the surgeon is trustworthy in our area. I can go ahead and follow the surgeon's plan. As to needle biopsy, I asked my surgeon. He is not in favor of doing needles. He said it is not decisive, and needles go in and out could cause contamination (not exact word but something like that). I will ask him whether the surgery is just for biopsy purpose, or removal of the nodule and surrounding lung tissue. I am not clear on that. We have not discussed at this detail level yet. He said I am jumping the gun too fast. Let's see if I am even fit for surgery. I am 62. Bridget and LexiCat, I took your Questions for surgery list, and added my own questions. I will ask my surgeon about PET scan, and what to do with my 2 enlarged lymph nodes. I hope my surgery can be as successful as yours. After the meeting, I will call my primary to review the conversation and the plan. Thanks again. Frank
  7. Hi, I am 62, male. I smoked 7 years, when I was in my 20's, then stopped for 35 years now. My father passed away in his 50's from lung cancer. I had pneumonia in October, 2017 and was hospitalized for 2 weeks in another country in Asia. They treated me with 3 kinds of antibiotic and I was well enough to come back to US. I bought back the X-rays and CT-scan they did in a CD with me. But the CT is not clear because the pneumonia was not fully cure when taken. As soon as I came back, I called my primary doctor for follow up. He asked me to do an X-ray (11/20/2017), and it showed 'basilar infiltrates'. He asked me to do a follow up X-ray in 2 months and it was done on 1/18/18. X-ray showed the same, 'basilar infiltrates'. My primary doctor then asked me to do a CT scan with IV contrast. This was done on 1/23/18. The radiologist report is below: "There is 1.3 cm round noncalciied pulmonary nodule in the superior segment of the right lower lobe (series 3 image 106). There are subjacent patchy reticulonodular and groundglass opacities and subsegmental atelectasis.... There is 11 X 15 mm right hilar lymph node (series 10 image 52). There is 9 X 25 X 17 mm pretracheal lymph node... Visualization of the upper abdomen demonstrates multiple hypodense hepatic lesions with the largest in the right hepatic lobe measuring 3.5 cm..." My primary doctor office called me the same night, and I asked for a referral of a lung specialist. They referred me to a Thoracic surgeon. I went to see the surgeon next day (1/24/18). During the hour of visit, he asked questions of my history, and family, and prior illness. He examined me and see if any pain (none) or lumps (none). He then focused on that I need a surgery to remove the nodule. He gave me orders to do blood test, pulmonary function test, and a cardio treadmill test. I finished all those tests this week. I am now waiting for my next appointment to see the same Thoracic surgeon next Wednesday (2/7/18). I am very worried that I have lung cancer already. I also worry about the surgery. I am not sure what type of method he is going to use. I hope it is VATS, but not sure. It has been very depressing 2 weeks, and I know I can not wait too long since nodules can double in size in 3 months. I hope I am fit for surgery and I also prepared a list of questions about surgery so I can ask him next Wednesday. I am worried about myself, my family. Not sure what my future would be. Frank
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