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  1. Hi all, I am new to the Durva club. It is a club I would not have thought of six months ago, but my reality has changed since then. Barb, I was done with radiation on the twelfth of March and chemo on the 15th of March and now started on durvalumab a couple of weeks ago. I had a rough time of it with chemo and radiation and was like you, I just wanted to go somewhere and not think about cancer. We live in NC and was able to go to Myrtle beach when it reopened and it was wonderful. Take a little weekend and go somewhere it is good for the soul I think. Lisa
  2. Shane, I have a tumor in the right lung , and two mediastinal lymph nodes involved. I developed severe esophagitis midway through radiation.I was also having chemo at the same time, which made for double trouble. The pain is so bad. I discribed it as a lava pit pluse someone squeezing the middle of my chest and blocking what ever I tried to swallow including my own saliva. Ask for sucralfate and there is also a steroid liquid that you can take twice a day. Online you can get 500 calorie boost. I lived on it for two months. I had lost so much weight because there was no way to swallow without excruciating pain. I finished March 12th and I am finally able to eat with only a little of the esophageal spasms left if I eat to big of a bite. It will get better. Tell him to hang in there. I was also doing cisplatin and otopaside. I’m sure that is the wrong spelling. 😆 I know how he feels and it will get better. Prayers. Lisa
  3. Hi Rower, Thanks for your welcome into the club. Not a club I would have thought to be in 6 months ago, but that’s how it goes sometimes. I have started reading the post starting in 2018 and am in 2019 right now. Very interesting and helpful. The weight gain you have just warned me about is not good. I spent several months loosing tones of weight from severe esophagitis and not being able to eat, to now eating everything in sight because I can!! I must stop the madness. Lol Thanks again for your response . Lisa
  4. That is charred burn pile lol
  5. Thanks Tom for the info on the Durva club. I will check that out. What is your thoughts on the tumor shrinkage? Is that cancer dead or will it die. She says she is still treating with the intent to cure, but when I read the results it says it has shrunk not grown and it has not spread. That seems different than charted burn pile. Just confused. Thanks again. Lisa
  6. Helloooo All, I have been away for awhile. I did not do so well with cisplatin. In the hospital 4 times with infections, non existent blood counts and blood transfusions. Oh yeah I cant possibly leave out esophagitis. I am now done with chemo and radiation and started on a year of durvalumab. I have had first set of scans post treatment. I have a marked interval decreased size of cavitary nodule in the lateral segment middle lobemessuring 1.9 x 1.7 cm previously 2.8 x 2.2 and subcarinal lymph node now measures 1.4 x 1.7 from 1.8 x1.9 and mediastinal lymph node is 1,2 x 1.7 from 1.2 x 1.8. DR says this is great and that it will be like a burn pile in the yard. the charred remains will still be there. I am just confused, is the cancer dead or alive. She seemed happy, but I still see tumors. Am I wrong? I need some experienced advice.
  7. Good for you!!! May this year be the best for you and your family. Prayers Lisa
  8. Welcome G.A.M, I am sorry to hear you are having a bad time of it. Everyone here is great and are a great source of information and support. I am just starting my own journey, so I do not have a lot to offer in the form of cancer information, but I gladly give you my support and a sympathetic ear. I also have a mixed bag of good ol cancer. Lung tumor is squamous, lymph node has traces of small cell so they will treat for small cell. Wishing you success in treatment Prayers Lisa
  9. Welcome Valerie. When you see hay y’all on my post you will know I am not from NJ Lol. I wish you all the luck on your treatment. You will find a lot of experienced, kind, and helpful people here. Prayers Lisa
  10. D iane, I am glade to hear you had a good holiday. I am sorry ya’ll are having to go through this. I don’t have the knowledge or experience some on here do, but I do know some who seemed not to have much chance is still going strong. Never give up. I will be praying. Prayers Lisa
  11. Hi Freddy, I just had needle biopsy yesterday. The procedure itself only last for about 30 minutes, but they kept you 3 to 4 hours to make sure there are no complications. You will be put in a ct scan, looks like a donought and they take pics while asking you not to breath. The dr will insert a needle, you will feel some pressure, but no real pain, plus they give you some really nice meds in your IV that helps with nerves. I also felt slight pinches as they took biopsy, but no horrible pain. And it’s really quick. You will be out eating a sandwich in no time. Worst is hanging around so long. Best of luck to you. Stage one is good. Should be very treatable. Prayers Lisa
  12. Lisa66


    Thanks Jane, I truly hope and pray that your new treatment goes well. Best of luck to you. Lisa
  13. Lisa66


    I will start radiation 5 days a week for 5 weeks soon. I am trying to get battle ready. I see where honey has helped Tomm. Anyone else have any tried and true weapons for esophagitis or mucositis?
  14. Wow !!!!! I thought North Carolina had a problem making up its mind, but New Jersey might be worse.
  15. Hi Kaya, I am so sorry to hear about your father-in-law. I do not pretend to have any experience in your situation, but I do have a father that is in the middle of radiation and he is having such a hard time. I believe palliative care radiation would not be as strong, but they may feel like it would cause more harm than good.I also watched my grandmother fight for air in her last days. That was not easy for her or those that loved her. These are my own experiences and I do not tell you this to get you to make a choice you do not want to make. I share them hoping to give you a few more experiences to help you as you and your family make those decisions. I will keep you and yours in my thoughts and prayers. Lisa
  16. Hi Heidi, I am so sorry to hear of your husbands cancer. I do not know of any oncologist in your area, but there are some really knowledgeable people in this forum who may have some suggestions. I just wanted you to know that every doctor that we have felt with for my father has shown us all the scans and reports. Some have been more caring than others, but none have been cold or unfriendly. I am sorry you are having to deal with that on top of the unfortunate news about your husband. I hope you find some answers here. You will definitely find support. Good luck to you and your husband. Lisa
  17. I am an early bird so I like the change. I like to get my veggitable garden ready for planting. It is tricky here in North Carolina, weather wise. I have to be patient and wait for the second or maybe third winter to leave so that I can plant. I also enjoy the hummingbirds. Eric I love Montana!!! Glacier National Park is beautiful.
  18. Hi all, I hope this post finds everyone well. My dad is now in his third week of chemo/radiation. Aside from extreme tiredness, a feeling of fullness that keeps him from eating well, and not sleeping on chemo night he has done pretty well, but now his blood pressure is low and his heart is racing. Is this normal? Thanks Lisa
  19. Hi Aileen, I am sorry that you have been diagnosed with cancer. My dad was diagnosed recently with squamous cell carcinoma. It is very hard to wrap your mind around such news. I am pretty new here myself, but wish to say welcome. I cannot as of yet give a lot of advice, but there are wonderful people here that can be very helpful. Best wishes Lisa
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    Congratulations Susan!!!! I have told my dad about the red toenail celebration. Hopefully you will run out of toes and have to borrow some like Tom. Lisa
  21. Thanks Tom, I hope my dad can have the same results that you had. As always I appreciate you. Lisa
  22. Hi everyone, Hope all of you are feeling well today. The last appointment was not an oncologist, he was the pulmonologist. Today is actually first oncologist visit. He has stage 3 matastisis squamous cell carcinoma of the lung. He has 3cm tumor on right upper lung a lymph node deep in the middle and a lymph node near left collarbone. They say eighteen months without treatment and two years with treatment. It is inoperable and they want to do 6 weeks of Taxol and carboplatin and then 3 weeks of the same.I asked about targeted treatment and was told that was the pet word of the day and yes there was some actual targeted therapies but none that worked on squamous cancer. Just want anyone’s opinion about the drugs to be used.
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