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  1. Hi Lexi,

    We will be watching for sure. I have been following along about your situation as well. You are the last person I thought this would happen to, 

    given your history and early stage dx. The random way these things happen is crazy.  Sending positive vibes your way. Thank you for all you do

    for me and all the others here. 

  2. Thanks Tom & MB! I appreciate the sentiment. 

    It is a wait & see deal. 3 months, so I guess i wait. Ugh! Tom, she mentioned that if it does turn out to be a tumor, we could cyberknife it. (One of the options). That is what you

    are referring to, no?? My local cancer center has a unit on premise. If need be, I say we fry it!!!😁 I'll be lurking.


  3. Hi Emmanuelle,

    I had 4 rounds and the 4th was no worse for me as the third. I was actually thrilled by the 4th round because I knew it

    would be the last for a while. My chemo was NO FUN but I got through it OK and you will too. Stay strong!!


  4. Hi all,

    I have not been around in a while, as all was good and I was just living life. I had a left pneumonectomy 4/18, then 4 rounds chemo for 2b squamous cell.  All my scans to this point have been good until now. I have a new 3mm "non specific" nodule on lower right lobe. I see onc tomorrow but I am kind of worried. CEA numbers are still good and there was no mention of enlarged nodes or anything else. I suspect there will be a watch & wait approach? I was just looking for others thoughts or experiences with nodules showing up. 

    Thank you!! 

  5. Hi Dlh,

    I too had a pneumonectomy. Mine was left side. Like MB said, get the epidural. I believe it helped control post surgery pain. They left mine in for 4 days, and I was in the hospital for 7 days total. Funny thing about the epidural is I was told it was a new"ish" idea to use for surgery and every time the medicine ran out in the cassette the nurses had to get someone from the maternity ward as none of them knew how to change it, or where to get new medicine. Once they worked it out, it was OK. As for the recovery I was up and walking after they took out the epidural.  There was a considerable amount of pain afterword but easily controlled with pain relievers. I  was walking a mile a day 2 weeks after I got home and was back to work after 4 weeks. I have an active job and although having one lung may have slowed me just a bit, I am doing pretty well. My surgery was 4/3/18. I do still have some mild pain sometimes at the incision site, but nothing major at all.  Let us know if you have any other questions.

  6. In my case, food was not really the issue. I ate OK, it was fatigue that was the the biggest thing. I had to force myself just to get out of a chair for a week. I

    am normally a very active person so this was especially difficult. 

  7. Hello all,

    Just a quick note. I am going today for my second round. First one was rough for the first week or so, then some improvement. I went back to work on the 9th day after. I am getting full strength, knock you over type doses. Neulasta is required then just nausea meds that worked for the most part. At least now I know whats coming.... ugh!!



  8. Hi all, 

    I will be starting my adjuvant chemo today. 4 rounds of the drugs stated above. 1 round every three weeks. No radiation. Living

    post pneumonectomy so far has been OK. Doctors & nurses all seem to think I am moving along better than expected. 7 weeks post surgery

    and I am working and doing lots of walking. Going to take some time off work again until I know how chemo goes.

    I will report back soon. Thanks again to all!!



  9. Hi everybody!!

    Thanks for all the well wishes!!!

    I am home. Surgery went well, so they tell me. They did a full pneumonectomy as expected. Doc said tumor was larger than they expected, but they got it all. He removed several lymph nodes, but I have not seen path reports on them yet. I do have an appointment with an onc., just not sure when yet. As far as the surgery itself, they tell me that I handled it well, definitely some post surgical pain and "weird" feelings where my lung used to be. Today marks just over a week since surgery, and I can already walk around my house, just slowly and with a couple of rest stops along the way. I have my "breathing toy" to practice with, and some pain meds when I need them. Overall I feel pretty good, considering. Now my goal is to just improve a little every day, and wait for the next chapter to unfold.

    That's all for now,



  10. Great ideas. I have a wedge pillow on the way. As far as company, my father lives next door to me. Although he is 79, he still gets around OK and can come over at

    a moments notice. I am going to look into home nurse visits though.   I am going to hospital today for pre-op, and will see if they can send me in the right direction for this.

    I really appreciate the support and ideas from all of you. Also, now that I am not a "newbie" should I move my posts to another forum like the "updates" forum?

    Just wondering...



  11. I got a surgery date! 04/03/18. My surgeon thinks they will have to do a pneumonectomy instead of lobectomy due to the location of my tumor  

    It's right in the middle. He won't know until they put the camera in.  I am nervous, but at the same time, doc says this gives me the best chance at beating this thing.

    He is not sure about adjuvant chemo yet, but I imagine it's going to have to be done. I know the recovery will be long, but it should be worth it. (I hope). On a positive note,

    I don't have to wait on any more test results, for now. I welcome any advice. Thanks, and best wishes to all.

  12. Hello All,

    This question has probably been asked a thousand times, but I am going to ask anyway. I was diagnosed on 2/13/18, I have only had a PET scan (which was delayed  by a few days because of insurance), my MRI was supposed to be yesterday, but is delayed until 3/20, due to the wrong script from my doc., and my stress test (for surgery clearance) is on 3/19. My follow up appt. with surgeon is 3/26. My question is,  does this seem to be taking longer than it should? If we go ahead with the surgery, it may be mid April before it is done. That's almost 60 days!!! Any input would be greatly appreciated.







  13. Thanks Tom & LexieCat. I do feel more hopeful now. I am hoping to hear from the doctor today or Monday. Just having a plan will be great.  I know I still have a long road ahead,

    but my fear of the cancer spreading all over has been somewhat alleviated.  Now it's time to get to work. Thanks again to everyone!! When I know what is going to happen, I will

    report back.





  14. I got what I assume is good news. I have not yet spoke to my doc, but I have read the report and it says there is no distant met anywhere in my body. It is

    only on the left hilar node and left upper lobe, where it has been since we found it. I am guessing I am still a good candidate for surgical removal. I will report back after

    I get a word from the doc. Any input is welcomed!!



  15. On 3/7/2018 at 10:31 AM, Robert Macaulay said:

    Have fun I was so stiff the day after must have been old age creeping in.  lol


    Funny you mention that Bob, after my bronchoscopy, I was VERY stiff for a couple of days. Every muscle in my arms, legs and chest hurt like crazy. I could barley walk. After

    2 days I was fine. I had told my doc about it and he just said he had never heard of such a thing. As far as the PET scan, I was fine. 

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