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    Identifying symptoms/signs of relapse; clinical trials and treatment advances for SCLC, Distinguishing post treatment side effects from symptoms of Mets or relapse: Best Practices in Post Treatment Monitoring (Tests, Dr Visits, Cancer Markers (Tumor Antigen Tests). )

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  1. Looking for input on Opdivo/Yervoy treatment for locally recurring SCLC or success in repeating 1st line chemo/radiation. Apologies for message length. I have been diagnosed with a local recurrence of small cell lung cancer. I was originally diagnosed with Limited Stage SCLC Oct 31 2017, had a full response to treatment (Carboplatin etoposide with concurrent Radiation) which ended January 17 2018. So it’s been about a year. My oncology team is recommending I go straight to immune therapy (Opdivo & Yervoy) I’m struggling with do I go forward with immune therapy (Opdivo and Yervoy) or given local recurrence ( ie no distant Mets ) do I push to repeat prior chemo/radiation treatment . Would want to possibly redo radiation (which may be possible) Would be interested in anyone opinion on this, experience with treatment with Opdivo/Yervoy. Also if anyone has had success with repeating original chemo/radiation treatment. The local recurrence is in right bronchus intermedius. Subcarinal lymph node 1.3 cm, 5.2 FDG update and azygos esophageal recess (1.64 cm with 4.6 FDG uptake) . Again no Mets elsewhere. Having an MRI (brain) this week.