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  1. Patkid

    Love You Forever

    Nick, Hugs from here. From the mom side of things...........................what a gift!! I am so glad you had this experience. I just pray the sadness doesn't disguise the gift. Love Pat
  2. Beautiful post, Barbara. Thank you.
  3. Good morning............It is still cold and I am still under that weather........ love football anyone have the link to the blog about Andrea's Kettleball Camp? Thanks More when I feel better. YUCK
  4. Judy, bet you are so relieved to hear from your friend, Will. Nice to meet you, Will. 9 degrees right now, but we are promised a warm up for this week. It will be most welcomed. Still fighting my cold so looking forward to a couch day with football, FB and my Kindle. Hugs all around. Pat
  5. Patkid

    6 yrs. today

  6. I have never gone to this forum in 5 years........... Guess I have been missing something...................always thought it was jokes or something. anyway -3 here PJ wore his balloon boots and we went for a big walk anyway. Hugs all around.
  7. Thank you, all! Nick, what a gorgeous picture! I feel your mom's sweetness. Love it P
  8. OMG, Lynne! What a gift to hear from you! I think of you so often. Thank you for this post! It means the world to me. Please be well and happy, my dear friend. P
  9. My dear friend and neighbor, Your load is heavy. You are understandably tired. You care about everyone. Life can be so very unfair. It is unfair for you to have so much going on. I admire so much your concern for all of us and for your cancer group friends. You even care about my cold. Sometimes the mundane crapt (like garbage cans and refrigerators) is just overwhelming when your heart is consumed w/ truly huge feelings and thoughts. Frank and his family are in my fervent prayer. You are on my mind and in my heart. Please know how much you are loved and respected. Give yourself a big REST and a big deep sigh and a soft look into your head and heart. Be assured of your value and recognize your strength. Even if you don't feel it, we see it and feel it and love it. Many hugs and much love. Pat
  10. Thank you, Beth. I just couldn't come here on THE day. Love you.
  11. Beth, You are on my mind always, especially today.........Remember when we emailed pics of our guys w/ Tarceva side effects so we could compare possible remedies? A comforting memory of kindred souls. You and Bill were very important in Brian's journey. I will always love you both. I am sorry for your pain today. Pat
  12. He sent me a PM, I answered no further word. I am concerned. Please update me/us if you have contact w/ Brian. Thanks.
  13. Sue, it just doesn't get any easier, does it? Hugs for you and warm thoughts and lots of love. oh and, Happy Birthday, Mike...........ask Brian to help you blow out the candles!
  14. Prayers and concern from here, Judy. What a loving woman you are. Loreen is blessed to have you in her life. I wish I could come help out.................I bet you could talk her into letting me drive................I hate to shop, but I would be a good sport. Now, concentrate on good test results. hugs
  15. echoing a big OUCH on the Biopsy I had one less than a month ago I repeat: OUCH Hugs
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