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  1. Kleo


    Kate, Sounds like this doc is gonna be more on top of it! Hopefully, he'll help find a better treatment plan for you. I quit the Durva too...bad side effects for me- metasticized- and also no PDL1. Those little nodules show up a lot I think. I had one show up during my Durva...even glowed some on the PET...like a 3 or 4 I think. They (Pulp-Fictioned me) biopsied it...and it was just inflammation. Keep us updated! ☺️
  2. Hi Roseann…. Yeah they've made durva an approved standard now for the lung cancer treatment. There are other immunos out there….the problem is, they aren't all approved for this treatment. I had to get my lung cancer in my brain to be allowed this immuno I'm on now. Who wants to do that!!? blehk. 😣 My onc thinks that my steroid dosage cancelled out the Durva. She still believes the durva worked up until I got the big doses of steroids at the ER. Durva ups your immune system, steroids tamp it down. So...in her opinion anyway...it was a wash. Can't remember exactly how many Durva I had...I'd have to go back and look. It wasn't many …. off and on a lot though. And...I have NO PDL1 at all. Doc says Durva still works regardless of PDL expression. I say it won't work on me without the PDL1. But my doc has banned me from practicing medicine now anyway...LOL
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