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  1. Kleo

    CT scan w barium tomorrow

    Well I have to be there at 6:40 am....I'll need coffee flavored. LOL Thanks for the replies guys! Hope I don't hurl!😖
  2. Kleo

    CT scan w barium tomorrow

    How much did they give you? A full glass? Small shot? Did ya chug or sip?
  3. Kleo

    CT scan w barium tomorrow

    Haahaaa Bob I'd have to hold my nose to drink a guinness too! and close my eyes. It's....BROWN. 🤣
  4. Kleo

    CT scan w barium tomorrow

    I was just informed that I'll have to drink the barium stuff for contrast tomorrow morning prior to my scan. 😫 I know someone here has probably had to drink this stuff before. How much do they have ya drink? I've heard it's "chalky"....Ewwwww! So far I've only had to do the IV contrast so I haven't had the pleasure of drinking this stuff yet. How the heck am I gonna get this stuff down!? LOL Any helpful hints? 😀 Hold my nose?
  5. Sounds like you could be doing a very similar treatment plan as I have been on! I was also stage 3B adenocarcinoma initially. I've finished the chemo and radiation now- although it wasn't done at the same time, and am about to start the year of Durvamulab therapy hopefully in a couple of weeks. They have made Durvamulab the standard procedure now for unresectable 3B lung cancer following chemoradiation, regardless of mutations. I asked my onc if they'd tested mine for mutations and she said no! Well why the heck not!?😫 LOL Fingers crossed for clear MRI! Keep us updated!
  6. Kleo


    I still haven't started mine. 😕 Gotta wait for the CT scan this week. Bob you didn't have side effects for chemo?! Wish I could say the same! Why do they always gotta have the icky side effects? Nausea, vomiting, neuropathy, hair loss, fatigue, etc. I wanna discover one that has some cool side effects. WARNING: May cause the sudden ability to fly, enhanced telepathy, increased speed and agility, night vision, extreme intelligence, etc. LOL I think I watch too many X-Men movies..😄