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  1. Banana


    Hi Everyone. I just wanted to report that my Dad came back home after a week and has been doing ok. Covid remained asymptomatic and he was treated for his other issues (low wbc and colitis). He got well enough for doctors to start him back on his Chemo treatment this past week. Praying this cycle will be a lot smoother than the last. Thank you for helping me remain calm.
  2. Banana


    Thank you for posting and sharing! My Dad just got Neulasta too recently, so it is nice reading about other experiences.
  3. Banana


    LexieCat, Thank you so much for the article. It gave me some hope that he will be ok.
  4. Banana


    LexieCat, Yes he is. Thank you for your hopeful words. 😭
  5. Banana


    Hello. I am writing scared and trying to stay hopeful. My Dad received chemo (doceltaxel and ramicimrizab) last Friday (8days ago). I found he had a fever yesterday and took him to the ER. During that time they found he had low wbc, and colitis. Then they told us he was tested positive for covid 19. The only silver lining was that his oxygen levels and lungs seemed stable so far. I am writing to ask for prayers and any advice or similar experience within the community. I’m just so scared we will lose him.
  6. So far it’s been a little over a week from my Dads first round of doctaxel with ramucimrimab. Hes been feeling weak, has some mouth sores, stomach issues... Yesterday he seemed a little better than previous days. I am hoping the treatment is manageable and he won’t be in too much pain/discomfort.
  7. How is that going for you Mam? I’m sorry to hear about the swelling of your lymph nodes.
  8. Thank you for responding Mam. Are you on a new treatment now?
  9. Hello. My Dad has just started this treatment and I was wondering how it was going for you? He seems to have more challenging side effects compared to the Keytruda-carboplatin - alimta treatment he was on. He was only on that for 3 months. He is mentioning loss of appetite, mouth sores and just overall weakness. How do you manage these side effects if you have them?
  10. Hello. My father will be starting Tagrisso. Does anyone have more information about this? We will be seeing the oncologist on Monday... does anyone have suggestions on what questions to ask? I only found out about the medication through the pharmacist. Any guidance on what I should ask for would be great. Glad that my Dad will finally be starting treatment, but anxious at the same time. Thank you in advance for your help. Banana
  11. Hello again. I am writing to see if I can gain some knowledge from your experiences... Update: My Dad's CT and MRI has shown that his cancer is mainly in his lungs/chest. They see some activity in his hips, but there are no other sites that it has spread to. The next step for my Dad is getting a biopsy through a VATS procedure. The oncologist has mentioned that he is looking to see what targeted therapies or other treatments he can get based on the biopsy. What types of information can they find from the biopsy? Are there certain treatments you would get based on blood tests? What is the recovery time for VATS? Will he need to be hospitalized? I am sorry to be asking a bunch of questions. Feeling a bit anxious for my father... and hoping I will be able to have more time ...
  12. Thank you so much for your responses! After reading your responses and meeting with the oncologist I feel more hopeful. Thank you. So far, all we know is that my father has NSCLC, and that he is stage IV because the way we found his lung cancer cells through a pleural effusion. The oncologist has mentioned that more tests need to be run before we can even start treatment. So we are in the process of getting more tests done. Thank you for responding and giving my family hope.
  13. Hello. My father was just diagnosed with lung cancer. He is 65 years old, and we are meeting with his oncologist for the first time tomorrow. I am very anxious for my father and what is to come. I just hope there will be treatment options available for him. He seems healthy on the outside... and had a cough that wouldn't go away. He went to the doctor who saw fluid in his lungs. He was on antibiotics... and when the fluids would not go away was sent to a bigger hospital. This is where we found out that he has lung cancer. I am very scared for him and I hope there will be treatment options for him. What types of questions would be best to ask the oncologist tomorrow?
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