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  1. DDOT

    Coughing Up Blood

    Thanks for your reply. I am definitely staying on the Oncologist and writing down more questions today. My husband had no history of coughing or any COPD. There's no way he can lie down while he's coughing like this and bringing up mostly blood little mucous. This time is lasting longest yet but cough seems to be easing somewhat. I thought about RX cough syrup but I wondered if it helped him more to get this crud and blood out of his lung. We may try the breathing and cough syrup after this episode eases off. I don't think I'm over reacting either but he is the patient unless I know I must step in. Again, thank you for your replies.
  2. DDOT

    Coughing Up Blood

    Thanks, Tom. I do value what you've learned and thanks for your suggestions. I'm trying to keep him as quiet as possible and my niece has gone to pick up some Hall's cough drops. I've filled every RX the Oncologist has written but never thought about cough drops. I am calling the office first thing Monday morning or before if this doesn't stop. Today it's lasted almost 3 hours and not stopped yet. But the amount of blood with each cough has not increased. The ER physician said inflammation and swelling could be part of the problem. He hasn't tried the steam shower yet because I'm trying to keep him quiet. Thank you so much for being there on a Saturday afternoon, I was praying you would see my post. I'm staying the course.
  3. DDOT

    Coughing Up Blood

    Thank You !! 🙏 I don't think it seems normal either. He's been in treatment since 7/13/2018. Thank you for the quick response. I guess, for now, we're in a holding pattern because he doesn't want to feel like he's wasting their time. He's a very independent guy. I think that ER visit kind of made him feel like he was over reacting. But SOMEONE in that Oncologist's office will be answering ALL my questions this week, he gets a CAT Scan Tuesday and sees the Oncologist before treatments Friday, yes Black Friday, if not BEFORE. This kind of thing is scary out here in rural farmland.
  4. Welcome to a wonderful, kind, understanding and acquired knowledge group that no one wants to be in. Sending positive thoughts for you that your treatments are working and hang in there. You stated no metastasizes to brain, pelvis or abdomen. Do you mind if I ask where or if you have metastasizes since you're Stage IV ? Radiation and surgery were also not options for my husband, Stage IV NSCLC. He has hilar lymph involvement and a large tumor on his adrenal gland. He is on Keytruda + Alimta + 4 infusions of carboplatin. His last scan showed reduction in his lymph and adrenal tumor but lung tumor appeared larger. Possibly pseudo progression which can happen with Keytruda. His next CAT Scan is this Tuesday, 11/20/2018.
  5. DDOT

    Coughing Up Blood

    I need guidance or help from you guys. My husband, age 70, was diagnosed 6/1/2018 with Stage IV NSCLC. He has had 6 infusions of Keytruda + Alimta + 4 of Carboplatin. His lung function test in July was nearly perfect. He has no history of coughing, but since the weather has gotten much colder, for the last 2 weeks and he has been outside for short periods of time, he has a deep cough and starts to cough up blood. Not in great amounts but it usually takes 45 minutes to an hour to stop. It's red with clotted blood or some kind of tissue in it. The first time, 2 weeks ago, we called his Oncologist who was on call and he said take him to the ER. We did, they ran bloodwork and did chest xray and also sent results to the Oncologist on call and they discussed it. They sent my husband back home, unless he is losing a larger amount of blood and it is bright red, we were told not to worry. He has done this twice since and again today. What he coughs up onto tissues looks like fresh Red blood to me and adds up to 1/2 kitchen trash can of tissues each time. And I am not comfortable with waiting for a greater volume to start, we are 1 hour's drive from the ER at the hospital where he is being treated. We've never dealt with anything like this before and I'm worried and not comfortable with their theory of what constitutes a medical emergency but my husband doesn't want to seem like we're crying wolf. Am I over reacting? For those of you who have had lung cancer or any who still do, is coughing up blood just a result of treatments or worsening or progression of his cancer? Should I call the Oncologist AGAIN?
  6. We first knew something was wrong in April 2018, when my husband age 70, started losing weight, was nauseous, couldn't eat and had pain in his left abdomen. A CAT Scan revealed a tumor on his left adrenal the size of a tennis ball. His Urologist thought it was 80% unlikely to be malignant so he scheduled surgery. Then they ordered a full chest CAT Scan and that showed a tumor in his right lung which was spiculated in shape, which most times means cancerous. That surgery was cancelled. So from the April 20 tests our family doctor ordered to a roundabout of doctors, surgeons, radiologists, CAT Scans, MRIs, PET Scans, numerous blood tests, biopsies, endoscopy , PdL1 # next generation cell sequencings and check for mutations. They needed all those tests to know precisely what type of cancer and where it was and what treatment plan would work best. My husband is Stage IV NSCLC and was also not a candidate for surgery or radiation. We finally started treatments on July 13, 2018. He is receiving Immunotherapy(Keytruda) and Chemotherapy(Alimta and Carboplatin) infusions every 21 days, that means he is getting medication via an implanted port directly into a vein in his chest and takes about 4 hours. I don't know your age but sounds like you are old enough to be Dad's doctor visit recorder with your iPhone. One of our sons goes with us to every appointment and records notes and pictures of scans, and we go over it at home to make sure my husband and I understand. They also have a tagged group of family members: brothers, sisters, children and grandchildren, who get a report on our visit so we are not answering a bunch of phone calls and questions. That is a great help to us aged 70 & 68, who are not as electronically savvy.
  7. I think screening should also be available to children of lung cancer patients. My husband's cancer was found accidentally but not before it had metastasized to his lymph nodes and adrenal gland, stage IV NSCLC. And he is a nonsmoker since 1974.
  8. Steff, I appreciate your response. I know about thyroid, I had mine removed in 1978 because of very enlarged goiter. I just don't know how much Keytruda is affecting his thyroid. I know the Oncologist checks his T7 but I do need to ask her about his TSH, Free T4 and Free T7. After I looked at it again, he said he had been trying to massage it and he most likely caused the redness. I messaged the Oncologist since I think it needs her attention, she usually answers on her board or calls us within 24 hours. It does help to know I am not alone and can ask you all anytime. I'm glad your Mother continues to do well. Thank you so much, Dorothy
  9. Tom, Thank you for the quick response. And with your range of experience, I am writing your advice down. And send my prayers for you to continue to do well. Sincerely, Dorothy
  10. My 70 year old husband 5' 10" and weighs 145 lbs., has NSCLC with metastatic right hilar lymph nodes and metastatic tumor on left adrenal gland. Surgery was not an option and the adrenal tumor was too large for radiation. He has received two Keytruda infusions and two Chemo infusions with Pemetrexed and Alimta. Today, 8/23/18, he has noticeable pain in his Achilles' tendon with skin redness on site. He has not had any episodes like falling or bumping into anything that might cause this pain. He never said anything but I noticed he was limping. Has anyone else on Keytruda experienced this kind of muscle involvement with pain? He takes no RX pain medicine just OTC Tylenol ES sometimes. He sees his Oncologist 8/31, should we call her? Should I ask her to test his thyroid function next week, she checks his thyroid level but I'm not sure if she checks his Free T4 or TSH? He is trying to keep up with his walking, can that aggravate it? Just searching for some answers from anyone receiving Keytruda. Thanks for any help, Dorothy
  11. SRC I also cannot give from experience with Tagrisso. There are so many new treatments, immunotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, radiation and many more. Hope your son continues to respond to Tagrisso and gain weight. Stay positive and know there are many in this forum who are praying and thinking of your family daily. Never give up, whatever it takes. 🤞 Each of us are fighting this battle and praying that our wonderful doctors find us the very best plan of attack. Sending you strength through prayer that you stay strong on this roller coaster journey, we are on it with you. Ddot
  12. Susan, Zap that tumor and pack you bags. Have a great girl's week.
  13. I am so sorry to hear you are having to cope with your husband's illness and insensitive family. Our families have been wonderful but I know what you mean about managing time and schedules. Your home is a special hospital for you and your husband, set visiting days, limit visiting time, schedule no visitors allowed days especially after treatments, doctor visits and tests, definitely no one who has even a sniffle. The two of you need time for privacy to discuss how you are coping with the fear and your new life and sometimes just to hug each other. I can see when my husband is getting tired so I politely say WE are going to lie down and get some rest. And everyone has been very understanding about it. Some offer to help and I always say I'm saving you for when I need your help down the road, we live about an hour drive each way to the Lung Care Treatment Center. I know I will need drivers. We have only just begun this journey but it is my responsibility to keep him as healthy as possible. I am already an emotional case because the diagnosis scares me so much. We have been married 50 years and I've held his hand for 54 years, and I am going to protect him. As a friend said " He is a wonderful man." 😉 and he is.
  14. Husband just diagnosed 6/14/2018.
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