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  1. Hi Cannedy, Thanks for asking. I am feeling a lot better than a few weeks ago, no more fever and cough. I am taking Tagrisso. After 45 days of taking it, my tumor went down from 2.5cm to 1.5 cm. Susan.
  2. Hi Dan, I am sorry about your dx, especially at a very young age. However my doctor said young age is an advantage. You will feel better with the time. I wish you all the best. Susan.
  3. Thank you Tom. Now can I ask you some questions please: 1_ so now I had surgery to stablise the spine. They might want to radiation the left over tumor there in the spine. Is it necessary to do it? Because they prescribe Tagrisso to take care the whole system right? So why we still need radiation? 2_I am with the team at Sharp right now. The radiation doctor said that it is her to perform the first treatment, the second time onwards the therapist will take care of me. She will be around. I do not like this idea at all. Is it normal practice everywhere? Do you suggest me to go some where else where I can get better care? I live in San Diego, where we have UCSD comprehensive canter center and Scripps in coorperation with MD Anderson cancer center in Texas. Thank you Tom.
  4. Thank you Lexiecat. Now I can eat and still enjoy my life then:).
  5. Hi Tom, Thanks so much for your reply. I finally got you:). The hero. Yep it is really scary to read thoes numbers. I am still scared to find out any information on my condition thinking I might bump into something I do not want to hear/to know. Even do not dare to ask the oncologist anything. All I know that I have adenocarcinoma, positive for EGFR mutation, which I do not need chemotherapy. I just need the pill. Tom, do you follow a special diet? Can we still eat sugar and carbohydrates? They say cancer cells loves sugar. We feed them if we eat sugar. So I am really scared to eat to the point that I passed out at the hospital. Again thank you so much for your time and inputs.
  6. hi Murphette 214, Thanks for your reply. What are your treatment plan? Are you positive for target therapy?
  7. It feels bad when you have to reply on somebody to care for you. When offbed I need help to put the braces on to keep me from twisting, bending etc... I am working on recovery by waking around the house, upstairs. I try to use pain pills at night time only to stay away from the unwanted too much side effects. Oh does anybody know of what kind of diet we should have? I am so scared to eat and feed them at the same time? In YouTube they suggest all kind of drastice diet change like vegan, ketogenic, bla bla. Any thoughts on this?
  8. Thanks Lexiecat, It is NSCLC_ positive for EGFR. I just had back surgery to stabilize the spine because it almost collapsed.so this takes several weeks for healing before they can radiation to shrink the tumor left there. They working on the preauthorise with the insurance for Tagrisso,I guess. I think it goes a bit slow for me, so today I did follow up with them and it really turned out the oncologist office did not work on preauthorisation at all. So I do not know if I need to hear second opinion at UCSd here in San Diego.
  9. Thank Steff for your quick reply.
  10. Dear All, My name is Susan. I got diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that met to the spine over the memorial weekend. Never smoke, never drink, and only 41 years old. We cried out loud,cried with no tears, feeling like the life stops for me, no more will to live. But then I found this forum where I can find myself not alone. Please keep me in your prayers. Thanks everyone.
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