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  1. bacchus

    Dad diagnosed Stage 4 lung cancer

    Yes, on Thursday 9/13 the onc looked at his chest xray from 9/12 and they could see the inflammation and he said he has about 4 good reasons he could have lung inflammation but they didn't know which one was his issue. He proceeded with the Keytruda infusion that afternoon. His cancer is responding very well to it. My guess is if he gets out of this hole the next infusions will be done with caution. He is in bad shape. Whatever caused the inflammation was rather acute. It came on over a few days. Praying the steroids work. This would be crazy to lose him to lung inflammation and not really the cancer but probably a side effects of the treatment :(.
  2. bacchus

    Dad diagnosed Stage 4 lung cancer

    Ok so Dad is back in the hospital after his third infusion of Keytruda. The lung inflammation finally took its toll and he just simply could not breath well. He is on a vapotherm with some bipap use as well. 2 weeks ago he was using 2 litres of o2 at home and now the hospital has him on 30 litres on the vapotherm to keep blood o2 up. They "think" the inflammation is from the radiation, COPD, and/or amiodarone for afib. They started steroids on Sunday night and the inflammation has not gotten better yet. We are still hoping and praying. This time the cancer isn't really the problem, well in the grand scheme it is, but there are no tumors that are actively blocking organs from functioning. Basically it all comes down to the steroids controlling the inflammation. Any ideas or similar stories and prayers are welcome.
  3. bacchus

    Dad diagnosed Stage 4 lung cancer

    Dad(age 69) was diagnosed on 6/20/18 in the ER when he went for shortness of breath. His heart-rate was 165 and he was in a-fib. They were able to get him down to about 85 and a normal sinus rhythm. They did a chest xray and then CT then came back into the room and said he had a 8CM tumor in his mid left lung with heart/arties involvement. This was somewhat surprising since he had been seeing the Pulmonologist since January of the same year. Pulmonologists did multiple chest xrays and a low dose CT scan. They all came back negative for cancer and they just said he had some COPD. I am thinking they missed this. Anyway they did a bronchoscope with biospy and his left airway is totally obstructed by the tumor and the left lung is totally collapsed. They identified it as NSCLC but could not identify the type because the cells looked "raggity" under the microscope. The oncologist said it doesn't matter sense most NSCLC are treated the same. They are awaiting genetic testing to come back i'm guessing for immunotherapies/targeted therapies. In the meantime he is being treated with 12 radiation sessions to try and open his airway. He is also being treated for high calcium levels. He has been in the hospital since 6/20/18. They have stated they think the spot on his adrenals is cancer but he needs a pet scan to confirm. He can't get a pet scan until he is release from the hospital. So right now we are praying that the radiation knocks back the tumor and his calcium gets under control(they think the tumor is producing the calcium). We are at our local hospital with a decent cancer dept in a medium sized state capital town. Does this treatment plan sound correct at this point? Should we go elsewhere? How would we while he is still on o2 and iv's for calcium. He can get up and walk around and is coherent. Houston is about a 4 hour drive. They are saying the avg prognosis for stage 4 is +/- 10 months with treatments. I must admit i'm wondering if we are on the much lower end of that. As a son i just want to know we went out fighting the best we could and i did/asked/got him the best care possible. Any opinions or ideas or experiences to share? Thanks in advance.