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  1. Red

    New Member

    Hello, I'm home from my surgery, which went really well. I as usual had a bit of problem with the pain meds. nausea and dizziness once the drainage tube was removed, really did not need the pain meds. Hopefully Tylenol and ibuprofen will be enough for me. I had a great deal of apprehension going into surgery, so happy to have it done. I will be have my tonsils out when I recover from the lobectomy. There is also something their that needs to be looked at. Thank you all for you information it really helped with the anxiety. Red
  2. Red

    New Member

    I have had a pet scan and lung biopsy, great to hear of a smooth recovery. I'm surprise that you were out the next day Bridget, I'm told 3-4 days. I will be shooting for the 3...
  3. Red

    New Member

    The basis is for the size of the tumor. Surgeon feels that no lymph nodes are involved. I too will be having the VATS procedure. Thanks for the feedback good to know maybe only in for a couple of days. We will be picking up a wedge pillow, also read that on this forum.
  4. Hello, I was diagnosed with DCIS breast cancer right side, had a lumpectomy about 2 years ago. It was during a CT scan at that time, a nodule on the RT lung was found, hoping for something benign turned out to be Lung Cancer. Adenocarcinoma, Stage T2aNoMo= 1b, I will be having surgery tomorrow a Rt. side Lobectomy. I am happy that I found this form as it has helped some with the waiting anxiety that apparently comes with it. I was grateful for the early Breast Cancer and doing well with that, now hoping this goes well also.
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