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  1. he has an appointment with a surgeon. He has treated me like this before and yesterday was my breaking point. He has had absolutely NO treatment so far. There is NO excuse for his behavior. Stop making excuses for him. Him was wrong. It is that simple.
  2. no surgery or any treatment scheduled yet. the pulmanologist would not refer him to a surgeon but the oncologist thinks he should go. I see this as another delay in treatment. I cover him on my health insurance. There is absolutely no reason for him to treat me like this. Cancer or not - there is no reason.
  3. My husband has lung cancer. He had a biopsy. the pulmanologist bypassed sending him to surgeon and sent him directly to an oncologist. Pulmanologist said surgery wasn't an option. However, oncologist disagrees. Oncologist now wants my husband to go to a surgeon. He has has tests, biopsy and doctor appointments. None of these are near each other. We spend so much time going to these appointments. He hasn't received any treatment and its been months since the diagnosis. When we go to these appointments, he doesn't ask any questions. He seems like he is not interested. I am so angry that treatment hasn't started. I'm angry that my husband seems so disinterested when he sees a doctor. Today is my birthday. I said something this morning about being being more interest in what the docs are saying. He was nasty to me. He ruined my birthday. He ruined my day. I was concerned about how skinny he is. I was trying to do some things to help put on weight. I was checking out protein powders in case he can't eat solid food during treatment. he has really upset me with the way he treated me. It was disrepectful and nasty. We have no family or friends around. I am to be his sole caregive. After the way he treated me this morning, I have decided to make him do things for himself. I will go to doctor appointment with him but will not ask questions. I'm done researching protein powders and others things that would help him if he has issues eating. Why should I do anything for him when he treats me badly? Yes, I know he has cancer but it doesn't give him the right to treat me that way especially since I will be the only caregiver. I sure don't feel like being his caregiver now. He takes me for granted.
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