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  1. Thanks Tom, hope I'll have great news to report. Appreciate the information. If nothing else, I'll have a wealth of reading under my belt . Hoping for the best. I've always thought I could get through anything but this waiting is a true challenge. Many thanks and have a nice day

  2. Evening all , another day closer to my surgery. Anyone had this procedure done? Going down my windpipe to a very close right lung neoplasm. I thought i was having an open lung biopsy but turns out this one (out of 2) is easier to access. I just hope they'll properly diagnose as I've read one neoplasm can be one thing and another different. I've been trying to relax but having nightmares or not sleeping or eating ice cream for comfort . Well glad you are all here to talk to. I live alone, no friends, etc. Guess I'm a strong person for surviving this far 



  3. My two cents about household stuff after (I also live alone but have not had surgery yet) to call meals on wheels, American Cancer society for support and resources, church groups, Walmart and other food delivery instacart etc, schwans. The ACS has a program where volunteers can drive you to follow up appts etc. I have been working on getting definitive diagnosis (if you read my other posts) and first I thought I'll just let nature take its course but now I feel like a tiger and am ready to do absolutely anything and everything to fight to heal. Our feelings may change but whatever you decide will be right for YOU. Hugs 


  4. Happy to hear of your success. What a frightening thing , nice to speak with others who have experienced some of the same procedures and tests. I don't know what to do to distract myself as I don't feel like doing anything but I think I'll focus on some positive interests. Hope you have a nice evening 

  5. Thank you for your reply. I am glad, it seems at least, you are doing well. I think they'll do a biopsy if I mention they are still there. I guess my regular doctor could refer me to a dermatologist. My pulmo seemed interested but that area didn't seem to light up on petscan. I think they are most worried about the neoplasm with an 8.9 SUV . My spirits were pretty good until I read the petscan report now I'm doom and gloom. I'm sure all feelings are normal. I'll certainly keep you updated thank you




  6. It says at bottom if conservative management approach is undertaken ...basically redo petscan in 9-12 weeks. I looked up the term conservative mgmt in lung cancer and can only.find a reference to palliative treatment. Essentially I'm just wondering of course if this all is an indication of cancer , active TB or inflammation from pneumonia 

  7. I had pneumonia and antiobiotics cleared that up. I have a lot of.pain in chest and then spine behind chest when I breath, rib pain and increasing back pain

    The high metabolic activity could be inflammation and the spine activity "could be anything" according to pulmo. He said best case scenario I have active tb. Somehow tests may have shown false negative. However it seems very interesting that I would have higher SUV in spine if I merely had inflammation in lungs. Oh they tried to do bronchoscopy first before needle biopsy but I am allergic to lidocane so they couldn't complete it. This waiting is hard. Of course I am imagining the worst. Also have what looks like subungual melanoma on two nails




    Pre subcarinal mediastinum and right thoracic perihilium 27mm x 36mm SUV 8.9 (viable neoplasm)

    Thoracic-lumbar vertebrae 3.1 SUV ("""")

    Right mid posteralmedial hemothorax pulmonary parenchyma right lower lobe 12mm 2.3suv ("")

    Enhanced uptake on fourth, eighth-nineth thoracic vertebrae , and fifth lumbar verterbrae



  9. Very early 40s female went to ER because clinic told me to, felt like I had a lump in the middle of my chest, dry hacking cough no sputum, very tired. Went on for a week. ER first said may be pulmonary embolism as my ddimer was positive. Did CT scan and x-ray, no PE but I had a "spot" on lung. Radiologist thought it was TB but pulmonologist said not. History of melanoma when I was 30. They did blood tests etc and eventually put me in isolation while results came back. Had a CT guided needle biopsy it came back inconclusive but, according to doctor, surrounded by white blood cells that surround cancer. TB results came back as latent TB negative sputum and negative blood for active. I had a petscan which shows two approx 1.5 inch neoplasm in right lung and five neoplasm in vertebrae. The highest SUV was 8.9 very close to mediastum windpipe heart etc. Another in lower middle . Don't remember SUV for second and then spine was around 3.5



  10. Happy to have found this forum thanks for the comments and support I've read so far. Had an interesting journey so far in a short time. Am waiting on mediastonoscopy surgery in two weeks. Had several procedures and tests and hopefully upcoming will give me answers. I'll write another post

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