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    ColleenRae got a reaction from Lisa Haines in Covid and me   
    Thank you for sharing your story, Lisa...
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    ColleenRae got a reaction from Tom Galli in 10 Steps to Surviving Lung Cancer from a Survivor   
    Not sure how I missed this one, but thank you for this and ALL of your posts. I honestly don't know what we'd do without you here!  I'm having a particularly tough morning and read this - it helps. Big cyber hug for you. Thank you.
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    ColleenRae got a reaction from Roz in Taking a page from Tom's book   
    Loved seeing this Susan... Sorry for being late in congratulating you. I admire you and want you to know that it does inspire others, like me...
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    ColleenRae got a reaction from Susan Cornett in Taking a page from Tom's book   
    Loved seeing this Susan... Sorry for being late in congratulating you. I admire you and want you to know that it does inspire others, like me...
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    ColleenRae reacted to Ann C in The Pivot   
    I agree. If there is a miracle cure there would not be any people with cancer and it would be all over the news. I do however, believe there are things that are truly helpful. For me it was the following: Faith that it was possible to survive, second or third opinions, humor because not only is it healthy and releases dopamine into our system and because the whole reality of cancer is so surreal of course the people in our lives support.  I had a lobectomy 14.5 years ago, then stage IV metastasis 13 years ago and finally a a metastasis to my brain 11.5 years ago. The doctor that saved me was not the doctor who told me they couldn’t offer me much but the second doctor who said we can do this!  He also added to my chemo a drug called Avastin and I have called that my miracle drug. It prevents cancer cells from collecting blood vessels. Now I am only dealing with the late effects of surviving and that’s fine with me. 
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    ColleenRae reacted to MBinOregon in Predicting Doom   
    On 12/20/2017, when the pulmonologist came into the room and said "It's bad. It's cancer" then proceeded to give me the diagnosis of Stage 3, I naiively asked her about the survival rate.  She said "15% survival rate in 5 years" and I believed it.  What she told me sounded like "you will die at any moment!" - I went home and wasn't sure if I should write the will first or start cleaning out my house.  Shortly afterwards, I found this forum and started reading the threads and your comments on these "statistics" resonated with me the most along with "if I can survive it, so can you" comment.
    Thank you, Tom, for being my and all others' wind beneath our wings (pardon the cheesy-ness).
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    ColleenRae reacted to Steff in A Life Well Lived   
    I am sorry for the loss of your friend.  It sounds like she lived a life we all should strive for.  That being said, thank you for this.  Living a full life DESPITE lung cancer isn't something I would have ever accepted 1 year ago for my mom.  Accepting that we will likely only ever hear "Your cancer is stable" and never hear "There is no evidence of disease" has also been hard for me to except.  But hearing stories like this and meeting wonderful folks at the HOPE Summit has helped me to begin to come to acceptance.  My mom and I's daily phone conversations have turned from lengthy discussions about lung cancer to what creation did she work on or what kind of shenanigan did my dad cause.  It's a much needed break for the both of us.  I appreciate hearing how 2 tenured lung cancer survivors talked about all things "life" instead of all things "lung cancer".  So once again, thank you.  Your post put a smile on my face and solidified that it is okay to go on with life.
    Take Care,
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    ColleenRae got a reaction from Tom Galli in My Thoracic Surgeon Comes to Dinner   
    Thank you for this link (you provided in a reply to my post yesterday).  Very well-written and beneficial - encompassing so much more than what clinic or med school the practitioner has attended. Thank you for reminding me to keep that perspective as well in this journey.  Your surgeon sounds wonderful. I can't imagine the mutual bond you both must have as a result of your experiences and history, and the help he provided for your daughter as well.  That was uplifting to read. Really enjoying your posts, information and willingness to help others on this path.  Thank you.
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    ColleenRae reacted to Laurel in My Thoracic Surgeon Comes to Dinner   
    You are blessed to have this surgeon in your life. He sounds amazing! I feel blessed to have the man who did my VATS surgery at M D Anderson. On a day when appointments were doubled up due to an ice storm abating in Houston, he answered all my questions and at my request drew me a picture of what he was describing. He was focused, friendly, amazing! 
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