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    ColleenRae reacted to Jeffrey N in Brand New   
    It's over he only had to remove the top 1/3 of my lung and he was able to get the tumor out of my Trachea  you so it's a little narrow now.chest tube Hurts terrible 
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    ColleenRae reacted to Jeffrey N in Brand New   
    So finally!  NO BRAIN CANCER , WOOT!  Surgery is scheduled for the 12th same plan , remove right lung.  VA physiatrist (yep) says headaches are stress related .
    Still looking for a home for Amy , my room mate. 
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    ColleenRae reacted to KatieB in Brand New   
    Thinking about you today.  My dad was a vietnam vet too.  You deserve better than what you've had.  Hoping things go smoother from here on out.
    Keeping you in my best hopes.  Please post an update when you can.
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    ColleenRae reacted to Tom Galli in Brand New   
    Months ago, I got a card that allowed me to choose any physician I wanted if the VA medical system wait time was excessive. I didn't read the fine print details and filed the card away. Did you get one?
    I know the card is still effective because I watched the new VA guy talk about it on a news conference. 
    Many US congressional districts have established local professional staff positions to push the VA into acting. Contact your congressman's local office and tell this staffer about your delay. 
    Google search Thoracic surgeons who practice at the Mayo Clinic in Florida (Jacksonville) and at hospitals in Tampa. Most have an email contact routine. Ask if one is willing to do a pro-bono surgery for you. I'd compose a email providing the details of your diagnosis and shotgun send it to every thoracic surgeon you turn up. I've heard of surgeons doing this for veterans in Texas, especially those exposed to agent orange. 
    One thorasic surgeon for the two big VA hospitals is just plain stupid. Let me know if these approaches work.
    Stay the course. 
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    ColleenRae reacted to Jeffrey N in Brand New   
    I am all alone and scared. Not to proud to admit it.
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    ColleenRae reacted to Jeffrey N in Brand New   
    Appointment was not good or good however you look at it.  Going to remove whole RT lung. Do pet scan and biopsy on large lymph node.
    Seems half of lung has collapsed. And look into bad headaches.  
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    ColleenRae reacted to chloesmom in Lobectomy?? to have not not   
    I had an upper left lobectomy in 2003.  I am still working, go to fitness classes at my gym, run (ok kind of slow run!), and walk 18 holes at the golf course.  I do yard work, clean house, etc.  in other words, I do everything I did before my surgery-you can have a good life after a lobectomy.  Do the breathing exercises afterwards and start with walking. 
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    ColleenRae reacted to bjacksontex in Lobectomy?? to have not not   
    I just had my right lower lobe removed on Oct. 27th. I wanted that instead of a wedge resection to get it all. The Pathologist's report came back 2 weeks later. I was staged 1aN0M0. I'm just guessing but stage one a with zero additional nodules in the lobe and zero mets from the 33 lymph nodes my doctor removed. My procedure was done robotically. Three weeks later and I'm doing everything myself including grocery shopping. And quality of life? Thanks to early detection, I heard the words "you are cured!" No chemo or radiation. Just monitoring. You won't regret the lobectomy.
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    ColleenRae reacted to LexieCat in Countdown to Monday morning surgery   
    All over, feeling great. Doc says I can go home whenever I'm up to it. Since I live alone, thinking maybe first thing tomorrow.  Worst part so far has been sore scratchy throat from breathing tube. 
    Nodule was cancerous but won't know type or stage till pathology results back next week. 
    Thanks all for good wishes!
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