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  1. Hi folks im back to fill you all in. I did get a second opinion and it was pretty close to the first one. only deafferents was he wanted to go in VATS and remove the upper lobe and the lymph node then biopsy every thing .and he could do it that Friday which was only 3 days away do to a cancellation. where as the other one was going to be up to a month out. So I went with my guts that's been telling me get that thing out of my body. operation went as planned nice an smooth first night was the worse night. then got pain under control and ive been fine ever sense a bit sore but im good with it. Well yesterday I went in for check up up for the operation had and x-ray of chest. and get biopsy results. this is where my chin hit my knees. the lung nodule was positive for small cell carcinoma and of all the lymph nodes only one tested positive for the same. was told that it was rare to find this at such and early stage?? at pT1c N1 lt least stage 2 b.. any input would bee great thank you all
  2. im getting a second opinion this tuesday. that i have had lined up. i did feel comfortable with fridays meeting.im still going to hear the other surgent out.as to when week of the 18 th
  3. update to this Fridays meet with the surgeon. His thoughts are that the pet/ct scan only lit up the mass in the lung. and during the biopsy that they also took samples of lymph nodules. And them came back as negative as well. So the plan he laid out was to put me to sleep and small incision in the throat and go in and test a few other lymph to be sure of no spread and biopsy the mass at the same time. And while I'm still a sleep they will test them right then in there. if the nodules come negative and the mass is positive it mean that it is contain in the lung. at that point he will going in and remove what part of the lung he needs to. if both test come back positive he stops and I will have to do chemo then go in later to remove the lung.
  4. lexiecat,thank you for your reply and also Bob. i have a appointment with the surgeon tomorrow.where he is going over a few different procedures to get a biopsy. im thinking and hopping for this to happen this coming week.
  5. Hello folks, im new here and first time have posted. this is where im at and very nervous.had a ct scan and a 3.5cm mass was found in the upper left lung.it is not speculated .there were two small nodules also below the mass went for a pet/ct scan and the mass lit up suv9. and there was a spot on the left side of my prostate also lit up. there where no other signs of hot spots.think that what they would be called. i have had the spot on the prostate ruled out as being cancer.phew that was great news.i had an biopsy done after pet/ct on the lung mass.the lab couldnt make a 100% diagnosed. and need to do further test.and they need more tissue samples.omg came close to falling over when the doctor told me that. ive had lots of test echo pft ekg blood work. im thinking that is in case i need surgery. Any input is greatly appreciated
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