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    Looking for support and information for my mother who was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma.

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  1. Bridget, thank you for that! You are exactly correct while I was looking for all of the alternative where mom lives, we found out that they are all opposed conventional medicine which got me worried several of them even asked mom to stop all prescribed med before seeing them, she never did. I agree with you and Lexie that the holistic approach should be used as complementary with the ok'd by the Onco and we will use that approach. Thank you and well wishes.
  2. Steff and Robert, thank you so much for sharing, will definitely try them.
  3. Wow congratulation Tom, that is very encouraging to hear! Thank you so much for all of the encouragements and suggestions, I really appreciate it ! Monica
  4. Lexie, Sharon and Tom, Thank you guys so much for taking the time to reply to my post, I do appreciate it. I will be sure to ask all of those questions and also looking for second opinion. How are you guys doing after the treatment? Is there anybody who is cancer free after treatment especially with targeted pills? Sorry for asking too much, these are all very new to me so I may act like one of those blindfolded maniac running around hitting all walls Tom: Yes all of those side effects are horrible, yet from what I understand Tarseva will never cure the cancer so she could stick wit
  5. Hey everyone. I'm Monica, About 5 months ago My 68 years old mother was recently diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma, the tumor was 3.4cm x 2.1 cm, no metastases. She was given Tarseva and the new XRay showed the tumor was a lot smaller after taking Tarseva for 5 months, CT will be done in another 7 months so we don't know that for sure. However the side effect of Tarseva is so bad, she already lost some of hair, her skin is so dry and wrinkly, recently she was also diagnosed with cataract, and she keeps having blisters on her foot to the point that she can not wear any sandals
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