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  1. So sorry for you and your family stay strong prayers for you and your family
  2. I say you are definitely welcome this group is to inform learn and support and as a 41 year old stage 4 lung cancer patient I don't think you should feel guilty he got to pass at home peacefully and that's what we truly want and to do treatment for no reason if it's not going to change the outcome is just to much on the body and mind I only hope my family will be strong enough to make the best choice for me and not themselves
  3. Not to speak out of turn but calm down if you are this upset think about how your mom is feeling consider her feeling and focus on that I'm telling you as a mom who's daughters take care of my treatment
  4. Welcome I am so sorry for your loss as a stage 4 lung cancer patient I can say be thankful it was so fast she didn't have to suffer for very long I know this sounds cruel but you should find comfort in that this is a horrible life changing diagnosis I'm sorry again for the loss of your wife if you ever just want or need to talk I'm here
  5. Hi welcome to the group diagnosis is hard just try to stay positive and keep doing what you have been doing in life the best advice I can give is to make sure you find a doctor that you can communicate with sending prayers
  6. Praying for you it's hard not to over stress rescan I always do even though mine has been shrinking there is still the chance you just have to try to stay positive and do things to distract you hope all goes well
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