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  1. I am so sorry it took me this long to reply. I had the spine bone biopsy (at a hospital here in Las Vegas) and then followed up with an EBUS (performed at UCSF Hospital) biopsy on my lungs. Both biopsies were negative for cancer. They diagnosed me with Sarcoidosis. I don't require any treatment. As you might recall, I was asymptomatic. It appears I am one of the rare cases (5% per my oncologist) where a PET SCAN shows a person likely to have stage 4 cancer and then doesn't. Obviously, my family and I are overjoyed, but I felt bad after the diagnosis coming on this site and s
  2. Can I just say that one of the hardest things is calling people on the phone and telling them what is going on with me? I am trying to knock out a few each day and it is crushing. These folks have no idea what I am about to say and I feel like I am wrecking their day/week. I know it pales in comparison to what I am going through, but it still hurts.
  3. Update. Based on my PET scan results, they think it is best I get the Needle Biopsy done at a hospital. The biopsy is scheduled for Monday 9:00 am. I was hoping for today, but I guess it is good that it is scheduled. I am so worried about waiting to start treatment. I feel like every day I dont have treatment I am closer and closer to dying. This is really hard. I am trying to stay strong. It is so hard not to cry in front of my sons.
  4. Update, I saw the oncologist today. She was nice. She told me the PET scan issues showed hyper metabolic issues in both lungs, the lymph nodes near lungs, 1-2 lesions on my spine and possibly other places. She ordered the Needle biopsy STAT. Just waiting on that now. She also ordered a brain MRI to be safe. She also ordered a genetic marker/mutation and immunotherapy blood test. She said she believes it is either lung cancer, prostate cancer, lymphoma or some genetic mutation (I didnt understand that part). She mentioned if it is lung cancer, it is likely sta
  5. Thank you to both. I have a feeling I will be leaning on this forum for support. I feel so damn selfish for smoking now. Life changes quickly when you have kids. I never intended on this to happen. I suppose I just have to stay positive and learn from you all as best I can.
  6. Lexiecat, I had some pressure in the side of my left pectoral muscle. Nothing crazy, but it was sorta like a muscle ache that wouldnt go away. I had a chest x-ray in April - nothing. I had a CT angiogram on 9/19. They said my heart was healthy, but noticed an issue with the lymph nodes. They then ordered a full chest CT scan. Because of that CT, they saw a mass in my upper left lung lobe. They said it was 3 cm or so. They also noticed a possible calicification on my thyroid. Because of that, they ordered a neck ultrasound and PET scan. I did that yesterday. I jus
  7. Steff, Thank you for replying. No, I have not had a biopsy yet. VB (Chris)
  8. Hello everyeone. I just received news I have two masses (3 cm and 4 cm) in both lungs as well as hyper metabolic activity in surrounding lymph nodes. They are scheduling me for a stat exam with an oncologist here in Las Vegas. I am 43 years old. I do have a history of smoking (smoked as a student and then for about 3 years post studies), quit for 5 years and then again when i consume alcohol. Just looking for support. I am scared, shaken and unsure what to do. I have a loving wife and 2 young sons (4 and 6 years old). VB
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