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  1. Well my first three catscans showed 11 mm, then the pet scan showed 8, then the second failed biopsy five days after the petscan, he confirmed it was down to 8 in all directions and less dense. Then my last ct on a Friday (which is my 5th catscan now since June but first one with contrast) they said it is down to 7.8 and they clearly notated it was down from 11.5 originally to 7.8. So mine is down almost 4 mm. But i found a couple of studies that showed some malignant ones have been known to shrink before taking off and the biopsy doctor said that it is not common for malignant ones to shrink
  2. Hello everyone, It’s been a couple weeks since I was on but I have been trying to stay focused to my kids and mentally escape the stress of all of this. Because I was to the point of extreme depression. But I got the call this morning regarding my ct w/contrast last week and the nodule that was 11.5 mm is now down to 7.8. I have read a few studies (and the biopsy doc also said) that shrinkage is rare for cancerous nodules but it has happened. So they don’t rule them as benign. But the studies I have found only showed a shrinkage if 1-2 mm. I didn’t ask the biopsy doc how many mm he h
  3. Lexie Cat, Well I will be adding you to my prayer list and pray urs doesn’t return! 😊 I am just happy I stumbled across this page. I still don’t know how I finally got it to work but being able to read other people’s stories and comments helps me to see I am not alone in all of this. It is very surreal and I just feel so scared since it lite up. Like that killed my glimmer of hope. I realize all the stuff I read isn’t too accurate given mine doesn’t meet the “traditional” malignant nodule. Mine is not in a upper lobe, doesn’t have spiculation, it is solid (not round
  4. Hi Tom, Thank you for writing me back!! Here is what the pet says: #1: said that the original 8x8 nodule in my lower left lung showed 3.6 which “raises concern for underlying neoplasm-close interval followup recommended if tissue diagnoses is not obtained at this time” But #2: says “small amount of activity in the subcarinal region of the mediastinum without definite enlarged lymph node near this location. Activity is non specific and could represent underlying lymph node activity but could also simply be related to vascular activity or activity in the adjacent esophagus. F
  5. Lexicat, How long Did you go from when they found urs to when they took it out?
  6. Pip, I called yesterday and told the biopsy doctor’s receptionist that I have been having some weird sensations in my rib and some pain in my back. It just started this week. First of anything I have felt that is scary physical wise during all of this. I am praying i just pulled a muscle or something when I was lifting my mom’s wheel chair in and out of the van. But she said she would have him call me later in the day. It’s 3:30 pm the day after and still no call back. He just gets referrals and does biopsy’s. He really isn’t a doctor that sits down and meets and consults with
  7. Hello, I did an introduction yesterday but I haven’t seen anything on it so I am not sure i did it right. I was wandering if anyone ever heard of cancer cells spreading to the mediastinum (center of the chest) already with a small nodule? Mine is 8x11 or 8x8mm; depending on which doctor I talk too. It had an suv of 3.6 and there were two areas in the mediastinum that showed uptake. It says no noticeable enlarged lymph nodes but to follow up. Everything I have read says the nodule can be tiny but if the cancer cells have spread already to the mediastinum then it is a
  8. Wow you are so lucky they are offering surgery so quickly. I have been waiting 15 weeks and I was told after a ct with contrast (which will put me at 18 weeks since mine was found) then based on whatever they find on that test, they may refer me to a surgeon. Surgery TERRIFIES me. But dying of lung cancer scares me more. And all this waiting leaves me so worried it is spreading and only getting worse prognosis wise. I will pray for you for your surgery and quick healing afterwards. Christine.
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