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  1. I ran into this article by Joe Tippens who was cured of Stage IV, SCLC that metastasized from head to toe, using over the counter dog dewarmer medicine and a few other things. His PET the day after his last radiation treatment "lit up like a Christmas tree," he says, but only a few months into this regiment, along with prayer and positive attitude, his PET was clear and after 4 clear quarterly PET, he was "kicked out" of MD Anderson. This man is not selling anything, by the way. He believes that there is a reason why God spared him and he thinks it's to help others. God bless him. htt
  2. Kleo, Thank God they are NOT cancerous!!! Praise God!!! I am so happy for you, girl!!! The "negative" is such a beautiful word!!!
  3. Hi, Carol, Doctors do their best educated guess, however, they don't really know exactly. I just read about this lady who was given about the same expectancy. She got a second opinion at a cancer treatment center in Oklahoma (?), was treated and now she runs 3-4 miles per day 7 years later. I think I followed the story from a link posted on this site somewhere. So nothing is written in stone. My husband also has LC and going through treatment and he does have bad days but recover in between chemo. I know it is scary to see him being so weak. I know... In addition, you have to
  4. Thank you, LexieCat. I just read the whole thing twice and understand a lot of it, but not all. We didn't get to ask her about it today because something else came up, but I will call tomorrow before doing anything. Sounds like it is a necessity. My husband developed shortness of breath the last few days, so when he told the doctor about it, she immediately ordered blood test, chest x-ray and a CT with contrast. She wanted to rule out blood clots and pneumonia and I sense that she was concerned, so I became very worried to live up to my name, worrywart. Thank God, no blood clots
  5. Thank you, BridgetO, Yes it will be the same chemo combo, so that's why I've been concerned. We will ask her about Neupogen and Neulasta and see what she says. She may have planned everything already, but me being a worrywart, I want to be prepared and ask away. I will also ask her about the timing of the medicine. Thank you again for your help.
  6. Thank you, Tom, for your valuable advice. Sorry you had to do it the hard way. but you made it!! We bought a box of face masks and lots of hand sanitizer and now, thank you for the reminder about children! There are quite a few in our neighborhood. Robert, our chemo nurses usually tell us why they are waiting for doctor's approval, etc., so we know. One time the doctor did cancel the chemo and gave him a unit of blood, then chemo next day. Thank you both for your reply.
  7. Hello, My husband has an appointment tomorrow morning with his Onco and he is scheduled to receive first full strength chemo next Monday the 22nd and one more 3 weeks after. 3 days after the last weekly chemo, he developed fever of 100.4 and ended up at the hospital for 5 days. Very low WBC (think they said it was 0,5??) So my question for y'all who have been at this point are: 1. What kind of questions should we ask tomorrow concerning the full chemo and the scary side effects? We are going to ask about low WBC and platelets and how she is going to handle? Can you get a shot
  8. I can't wait to join y'all in here once hubby starts on Durvalumab aka Pacman! Once he gets to feeling better, he might join the forum anyway. Right now, he is just resting and healing, bracing for the full chemo sessions. Hope y'all have a blessed day. ❤️
  9. I like that name Pacman. Shoot them and gobble up those cancer cells, Pacman! Search and destroy!!!
  10. Kleo, I believe he's been on Carboplatin and Taxol combo along with radiation. I do hope you and Robert Macaulay (and soon to be durvamulab member #3, my hubby) get the best results from it and become NED status ASAP. Best wishes to all three of you! When the ONC said the name, I tried to repeat after her, but by the third time, I gave up, LOL! I got as far as Dur-Va?? She ended up giving us a printout of it. By the way, I will now go read the Durvamulab thread.
  11. Thank you, Tom. I have been praying on and off that my husband will be able to withstand the 2 full chemo, as he is still very weak 2 weeks after the last weekly chemo and radiation. And you sounding so confident about him being able to get through it made me smile and feel better. Thank you. You should know, having been through so much. I read a little about Immunotherapy and it sounded pretty good, but had no idea that it is being used to also treat small cell (which I didn't know was so resistant). It must be really good stuff! Yes I will keep my faith and hope, even if with cle
  12. BridgetO, thank you. When I let my imagination run wild, I get scared, really scared. I will no longer google ANY statistics for sure. So that's how I came up with my name here - I think all of us need faith and hope. Y'all have made me feel better already knowing that #1. We are not alone #2. If I have any questions, so many of you have been through my questions and are willing to answer and help. #3.This is a very good support site. I've lurked for a while, but I am glad that I decided to join in. Who knows, I may one day be of some help to someone in return. When something like this
  13. That's wonderful that they did it right there in the infusion room. I am going to ask them about it. (Hubby is not as vocal as I am, lol) Also, I am finding that people who work in infusion rooms are very caring special group of people.
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