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  1. Hi Grahame, I'm 3B same as you, mediastinal but Right lung. Also radiation and same chemo. I recently completed #26. Tomm's description of infusion was same for me. Yes labs were done each time before infusion. They watched thyroid. Actual infusion in chair was just about an hour. Other then pinch for IV I felt nothing. I only saw my oncologist at appointment after CT scans which was every 3 mos. Otherwise I saw nurse practitioner. Good luck to you. Opal
  2. DFK I did not have a port. It was my onc's decision and I was good with getting a stick every other week. One in the hand for labs then in the arm for infusion. I'm a big sissy for needles too. I'm repeating myself, mostly from joy, but the lack of fatigue is most noticeable and I am so glad it's gone. I feel pretty much my old self pre Durva, pre diagnosis except for the extra weight. I never had a weight problem so it's a bit annoying. Any other questions, ask away I don't mind.
  3. Barb and Tomm, you're almost there! You're doing great. You got this! Tomm, nice going on NED! Wanted to share, I remember I was really feeling the fatigue more and more, as I got closer to #26. My joints were screaming a little more too, and at #22, I just wanted to stop! BUT.... Now 10 weeks post infusions I am happy to say the fatigue is just about gone and my joints feel much much better. I think part of the secret is to move more, motion is lotion. Once you get moving cause it's hard to start, it gets easier on the joints and feels better. As for fatigue, take a nap if you need to, you deserve it. For a little achy joint or muscle I take an ibuprofen and it helps. For those who gained a few, I will report I'm having to work at losing the pounds I seemed to pick up. It's my current challenge. Wish you both and everyone else counting down on Durva the best. Opal
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