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  1. Yeah Barb!! It's hard to believe isn't it!? You go girl!!! Let all of us in the Durva Club celebrate many more anniversaries with you! Opal
  2. BridgetO, thanks. I'm hoping for that as well. Right now my arm is not sore but I have a black and blue mark. Never before! We've endured worse, I think. Opal
  3. Hi All, wanted to share that I did get my first Pfizer vaccine 2 days ago. So far so good. Right after the shot my arm was pretty sore and I felt tired that day and slept like a baby all night, actually the best night sleep I had in months. Strange huh? Other then that I'm good. Now just waiting for early May for #2 and hope all goes as well. Thanks to all for sharing your experience/stories. Opal
  4. Hi LexieCat, I don't know what the timeframe was for you on this and forgive me but I have to ask, was any consideration given to the fact you got the vaccine and now you have changes in lymph nodes? I'm hearing and reading the vaccine can cause nodes to swell/change. Hearing this on the news and reading about it makes me very nervous as I sure don't want the vaccine to wake up my treated lymph nodes. I know this must sound trivial in the scheme of things but after I received a flu shot with my first infusion causing me months of rashes, I tend to question is anyone looking into this? Opal
  5. I will do. Two weeks to wait.
  6. Thanks everyone for sharing your experience. Much appreciated. 🐇
  7. Hey Lou, thanks for posting. I'm scheduled for 4/17 and I'm pretty sure it will be the Pfizer one.
  8. Hey There Lou, did you get your vaccine on the 24th? How goes it? Opal
  9. Cleveland clinic also has info on Cancer and the Covid 19 vaccines
  10. A Cancer Connect Link on vaccines Https://news.cancer connect.com/treatments-care/Covid 19-vaccines-and-cancer
  11. Barb, that's what I read in Adverse Effects for Durva. Something to be aware of. It seems they have been updated since I first started on it and read them. Of course it has been in use longer now. More studies. I'm holding off on vaccine for now. LexiCat...thanks for posting. Good points you make. Opal P.S. I'm not complaining, Durva has been a blessing
  12. Barb, That's how I feel. Does the vaccine rev up immune system? I don't want it revved more. My joint and muscle pain that started mid Immuno infusion with Durva has gotten worse over last months. (I'm more then a year off Durva.) An adverse reaction that can start long after treatment has stopped. Just have to take a chance I suppose.
  13. LexiCat, wondering if you were able to get the vaccine yet, if so, any side effects? Opal
  14. Barb, thanks for sharing that. Good to know. Maybe you will share what you learn in your search? I have found it to be more difficult to get now then was anticipated. A few people I know in medical field had some side effects after the second shot. Thanks for info.
  15. Some of the reported symptoms of the Covid virus is that it attacks your lungs, affects oxygen levels and respiratory system especially those with a weakend immune system. I guess I don't understand how getting the vaccine help? Thank you Roseanne for sharing your humble opinion, and you too Lou. it is appreciated! Opal
  16. GaryG, thanks for sharing, it's good to hear. Opal
  17. Anyone care to share thoughts if you are not getting the Covid vaccine and why not. I'm still undecided as I look back 2 years ago starting Imfinzi treatment and was given a flu shot at my infusion appointment resulting in a horrendous rash head to toe.
  18. Somewhere in the Durvalumab/Immunotherapy topic is a link referencing not to get the infusion and flu shot on the same day.
  19. Sillycat...re the port... No wonder woman here. I watched my husband get stabbed in his port for 2 years before I started chemo then Durva. His stab looked much more painful. I used to get weak in the knees. Just wanted to throw that out there in case anyone gets a port removed and ever (hope and pray not) has need for one. The vein route isn't so bad. Opal
  20. Sillycat!! Congrats!! Welcome to Done Durva Club. You did it!! I survived the infusions, all 26, no port. Went the vein route but my Onc said I had good veins no reason to give me a port. In a crazy way I got used to it but don't know how because I'm wildly petrified of needles. Nurses were wonderful! Enjoy having a little extra space on your calendar now and Best Wishes for great scans. Opal
  21. Barb, sorry about delay posting scan results. However all is good and now I'm on a 6 month scan schedule since TG, all has been good!! (Curious if anyone else has been stretched out for good scans??). It does make me a bit nervous but I'm thinking positive and happy to try and put out of mind a little longer in between scans. Tom and Barb- I am glad I'm not the only one to worry about a new ache or pain. Mostly joints and muscles. BTW, I lost a whole 5 pounds. The answer is... Get a puppy. She's been a joy and brought so much laughter, tears from laughter, to make up for the last long while of doom and gloom. Besides, I'm hoping she's jacking up my good endorphins and putting my fighter cells back in order. Also, I wanted to mention, my Onc has not mentioned getting another PET. I did ask months ago if I needed to get another and he said No! Nothing in labs or scans to require a PET. I take that as good and I'm not going and looking for anything. Faith not fear! Happy Fall to all! Opal
  22. Thanks Barb. I am hoping post nasal drip from hayfever season now is causing the tickle and cough. Oh the joints...I try blaming age but it all came at once, with Immuno. Better then alternative suppose. And I had the weird nail thing at the beginning of Durva! It was awful painful at the sides and tips of the nails but kind of moved from finger to finger. Really strange. It stopped mid way infusion. Hmm no bumps that I noticed. Tho I feel so fat in the middle I can't see the soles of my feet. Just kidding. But it's how I feel. But I'm not complaining Lol. The weight remains no matter what. I even eat less! I get scans Monday. See Onc Tuesday so I'm praying all is well and Durva did its job. Hugs,.Stay well....Opal
  23. Barb, Opal here...curious how it's going having been done the Durva infusions. Do you have any achy joints, tight muscles, cough, ?? Just curious because I have all the above but not sure if I should blame the Durva or growing older and lack of exercise. I also cannot lose all those pounds I gained.
  24. Ron- so glad you checked in and with great scan result news! Congrats! So good hearing from you. Happy 64th and wish you many many many more! DFK- good hearing from you as well. April was my 2 yr diagnosis anniversary. All is well. Opal
  25. PShsy...it will take some work to get a second opinion but definitely worth it. Get your medical file, treatment records, and get a different Oncologist. Get in to see one ASAP. You're city is going green or opening up I thought I heard. Perhaps when Rower reads your post I'm sure she will have a couple of ideas to pass on. She's got Jersey girl roots not so far away. You and your health are definitely worth your time so Just Do It. Pleez? Good going getting into biking and yoga.
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