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  1. Hi Terry, I think I can expand on Tom's response, Certinib is a targeted therapy. There are several types of treatment available to lung cancer patients, traditional old fashioned chemo therapy, new fashioned chemo therapy for maintaince treatment, immunotherapy (IV administered) and targeted therapy. (New things under development too! I made up some of these categories to keep it simple) Ceritinib is targeted therapy. Unlike traditional old fashioned chemo therapy it does not leave you immunocompromised with a low blood cell count. In fact while I was working, I suffered from chronically lower levels white blood cells that no one really knew why but they were in the "lower end" of normal" which was never questioned. Now all of my blood cell counts look fantastic, better than before my cancer. Alimta is considered new fashioned chemo therapy (IV) that can also treat ALKs, it's administered every three weeks. Because this is a special type of chemo for maintenance, the immune system isn't as compromised as the old fashioned like Carboplatinum. Carboplatinum and Cisplatin are old fashion IV chemo drugs that do cause low white blood cell counts. Most ALKs do no receive this as a first, second or even third line treatment. Important note on Immunotherapy- ALKs should NOT get any of this stuff. @RonH has already been down this road. For some ALKs immunotherapy can be very dangerous. OK as for the sugar. I'm going to tell you straight up. Sugar and cancer don't mix. If you're in a situation when you're dropping weight, and can't eat, then ice cream is under the category of do what you gotta do. There's a lot of controversy about sugar. I can tell you what my integrative oncologist told me, sugar creates inflammation in the body which can create unexpected problems. There is a school of thought that sugar can feed the cancer. Inflammation can cause constipation and joint pain. We had a pretty radical diet change, hubby loves his sweets and we were in this together. Anything we eat has less than 6 grams of sugar per serving. Not an easy transition. It look a few months to get there. Weight gain on targeted therapy is a real issue, fortunately, I was a light weight competitive rower. I'm up 30 pounds from my racing weight, twenty pounds from my normal adult weight. After a few months my hubby's sweet tooth has really diminished. We didn't ever think that would happen, he's a US/Brit who loved sweets his entire life.... There is good news about this, you WILL be able to carry on with your life. Give yourself some time to make the transition, listen to your body. YOU CAN DO THIS! Michelle
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