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  1. Hey Irene- Wer’re hear for you when you’re able to update us. Hope the procedure went well today. Michelle
  2. Hello to my TKI peeps- Now that the nice weather is here (sort of), thought I would pass along my latest accidental discovery. There’s a bunch of potassium in watermelon and it seems to help with the edema. Onward. Michelle
  3. Hi there Banna- Just wanted to drop in and say hello. It’s perfectly okay to feel like a basket case right now. None of us ever expected to join this club. In time you’re confidence will increase. I know that’s hard to imagine at this point however there are better days ahead. I’m the meanwhile, do what you can, laugh, sing, live. Michelle
  4. Good, let’s get the ball rolling... prayers for you!
  5. Hi Jo- You’re doing a great job! There are big guns on the team at UCSF. You may want to check out the Lung Cancer Living Room on YouTube ( Formerly the Bonnie J Addario Foundation now Go2Foundation). You might consider attending in person. It’s a wonderful organization where you will feel supported and inspired. Have faith that you are doing all that you can. Michelle
  6. Hi Jo- My story is very similar to Joe’s- so hello from a Stage IV ALKie. I have a mutation that allows me to take a targeted therapy. Prior to the biomarker treating, my symptoms were very similar to your husband’s. The symptoms can be managed to improve his quality of life. This is a journey like none other you’ve been on before. It takes a while to have the confidence to navigate the healthcare system and advocate for your family. You will need to be very vocal, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. You are in the driver seat! Do not settle if anything doesn’t look or feel right. Trust your instincts. Speak up, ask questions, challenge assumptions. Have you considered a second opinion? That can be done at anytime during the course of treatment. Practically speaking, the clinic staff needs to be paying close attention to the weight loss. You might want to find an Integrative Medicine practitioner to address nutritional approach’s (like high calorie smoothies). Your hubby’s mood will improve as he begins to feel better. Let us know how things are going and we’ll jump in to help. We’re here for you! Michelle
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