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  1. Ha, Lisa. Purple is my favorite color. Either way, good to see you again today on ZOOM. Happy Weekend!
  2. Hooray for you and those Bay Gulls! Fly, be free! Carry on!
  3. You’ve already got what it takes to take on whatever happens in the days ahead. Even an extra dose of anesthesia isn’t going to put you down. So thumbs up to an enjoyable weekend!
  4. Hi Gary, I’m sorry that you’re in this situation, believe me when I say we understand what you are going through. A word about the EGFR test, hopefully the oncologist is doing what is referred to as a full panel biomarker, also known as next generation sequencing/ comprehensive biomarker test. (All means the same thing). Why is this important? It helps determine how to best match your treatment. I had the EGFR and PDL-1 panel too. I was negative for EGFR and had zero PDL-1. I started the treatment that has been recommended to you also known as the triplet while we waited for the comprehensive panel to come in. Turned out I had the ALK Positive mutation (common with zero PDL-1). I was switched to targeted therapy (pills). Stage 3b is actually pretty rare as most lung cancers are diagnosed at Stage IV. As a result there is little consensus on how best to proceed I would recommend obtaining a second opinion to ensure all your options, including cutting edge clinical trials have been evaluated The triplet is now the standard of care for “garden variety” adenocarcinoma. Many people here have had that regime and did quite well. I’m sure you’ll hear from them soon. Glad to have you here! Michelle
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