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  1. Good luck Paula. Hugs & prayers!
  2. Hi Bob, Well if there’s anyone who can handle this new treatment plan, it’s you. All the best heading into round three. We’re all going to be there for you. Carry on. Michelle
  3. Our prayers are with you next week as you head into surgery. You know in all those years in healthcare I saw a lot of posts on LinkedIn (most of them pointless) however one of them seems to stand out: the road to success is never a straight line. It’s fraught with unexpected twists, turns, ups, downs and just plain curve balls that can throw anyone off course. The difference to achieving the goal is perseverance in the face of uncertainty & adversity. That sounds pretty much what we’re all doing here every day. Unlike our working lives, lung cancer doesn’t get to go on vacation, so we have to keep going forward. I hope you have a speedy recovery. Michelle
  4. Hi Robert, Just checking in to see how you and your wife are doing? Let us know when you can. Michellw
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