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  1. Hi Everyone, I am new to this site.  I recently was diagnosed with NSCLC, stage one.  The mass was discovered on July 4th, and for three months, was told by my pulmonologist, that I had a fungal infection.  My immunologist and family physician, finally decided to send me to the University of Michigan Hospital.  They within days performed a bronchoscopy, which confirmed that the mass was cancer.  They have scheduled me for a Da Vinci assisted VATS upper lobectomy on November 12th.  I am terrified, as I have Primary Immune Deficiency.  I do weekly subcantaneous infusions of immune globulin, to keep me from getting infections.  Even doing this, I average about eight bouts per year, of sinus and upper respiratory infections.  I am more afraid of getting a secondary infection, than I am of the surgery  itself.  This would hugely complicate my recovery.  Any words of support would be greatly appreciated.  Carlalobe

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