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  1. Spoke with secretary at thoracic surgeon 's office today. She called to say she received my referral and I would receive a call for a consult within 3 weeks. This seems like a long time. I have a carcinoid believed at this point to be contained to nodule.  Would like it removed before it does spread. I mentioned although I am 2.5 to 3 hrs drive away I would take a last minute appointment. So she put a note of this on my file. If someone cancels I may get in sooner. I hope so. Just waiting now. 

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      My brothers are older than myself. I grew up with their friends around. One who is approximately 62 has lung C.A. . He has been strong but last few days he can no longer drive at all and is not doing well. I see him around almost daily. Last few days noticed he was not around. I thought I would have seen my thoracic surgeon by now. May be another 2 to 3 weeks. Then another wait for surgery.  Nervous they will wait too long. Considering contacting the mayo clinic to price surgery.  I have a carcinoid in right lung.  Has anyone else been told they have a carcinoid .

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