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  1. Yesterday I was thinking these last couple days I have felt really good. Around supper time I started with back pain on right side. Quickly got worse. Drove to ambulance base and was taken to hospital. Had a kidney stone. Given pain meds in ambulance. Worked fine. At hospital pain was unbearable. Given morphine with no effect. Given low dose ketoralac with no effect. Was going to sign myself out when they finally gave me 30 of ketoralac which worked fine. Had C.T. which shows one stone down in bladder ready to pass. No more pain anyway. Back home glad that's over with. Now what's next. 

  2. Spoke with secretary at thoracic surgeon 's office today. She called to say she received my referral and I would receive a call for a consult within 3 weeks. This seems like a long time. I have a carcinoid believed at this point to be contained to nodule.  Would like it removed before it does spread. I mentioned although I am 2.5 to 3 hrs drive away I would take a last minute appointment. So she put a note of this on my file. If someone cancels I may get in sooner. I hope so. Just waiting now. 

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      My brothers are older than myself. I grew up with their friends around. One who is approximately 62 has lung C.A. . He has been strong but last few days he can no longer drive at all and is not doing well. I see him around almost daily. Last few days noticed he was not around. I thought I would have seen my thoracic surgeon by now. May be another 2 to 3 weeks. Then another wait for surgery.  Nervous they will wait too long. Considering contacting the mayo clinic to price surgery.  I have a carcinoid in right lung.  Has anyone else been told they have a carcinoid .

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