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  1. Cindy: Thank you for your update. I'm glad the results are positive. Like you, I anticipate hearing bad news after each scan. It's like my mother always said; "Expect the worst, and you're never disappointed." I concur that you are deserving of a Bahamian vacation. The weather is perfect; high 79, low 66. I came back with rested attitude and sun-burned legs. Oliver
  2. flacrakr

    Hi everyone

    Teri: Welcome home. My prayer is for your strength to continue to increase and the pain to continue to decrease. Good hearing from you. Oliver
  3. Karen and Laura: My heartfelt sympathy at the loss of Ken.
  4. OOPS .... I must have missed this post when you first put it up, Connie. 18 months and still going; me and the energizer bunny. Not planning on going anywhere ... except the Bahamas next week for a golf outing with the guys. Thank you all for your messages of hope, courage, perseverance, and faith. My prayers are with us all. Oliver
  5. Sue: My prayers for Mike and you continue. Oliver
  6. flacrakr


    Good one, Eppie. You know, with that subject title, I was a little hesitant to click on it. Thanks for the laughs. Oliver
  7. Shannon: With my radiation, once my treatments were done, I had received the max amount of radiation I can get in my lifetime, in that area. Treatment is finished. They successfully turned my right lung into a 'crispy critter' Oh, and they slapped the heck out of the tumor while they were at it. It wasn't fun, I grew to love macaroni and cheese and other soft foods while I was going through it, but it did what it was supposed to do; I've been stable for the year since my treatment ended. Hopefully, your dad's treatment will be successful. Oliver
  8. My prayers and hopes are with you both. Oliver
  9. Best wishes on your physical therapy. I'm glad to see that you are recovering nicely.
  10. Almost fell off my chair laffin' at that one, Frank. Thanks, that was a good one. Hey Kasey ... you don't happen to still have you friend's phone number, do you?
  11. Pat: My prayers for the both of you.
  12. Great news Rich !!!! Here's to many, many more clear scans !
  13. Eppie: Hopes and prayers for successful treatment.
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