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    flacrakr got a reaction from Lenny Blue in How long do you have to survive to be a Survivor?   
    I became a cancer survivor the moment I quit being a 'victim.' When first told that I had lung cancer, I was stunned, shocked, and speechless; unable to think anything other than 'I'm a dead man.' That lasted a few days. Then I got angry. I watched both parents die from cancer. I promised my son; I will not lie down for this disease.
    Becky put it so well ... Life goes on. And I'm going to be a part of Life. Cancer can be a wake up call, if I will, to focus on parts of my life that are truly important to me. My family and friends, my spiritual health, my eating habits have changed immensely. And my career became just a means to pay for greens fees. (my picture is me standing on the 18th tee at Pebble Beach)
    Only One knows the day and time of my coming home ... and until that day and time arrives, I do more than survive; I live!
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