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  1. Back in June, I had a CT scan because I have been having pain on my right side. It felt like I had something stuck in my ribs. They didn't find what was causing my pain, but they did find a solitary lung nodule in my right lung that was 3 mm and recommended a repeat CT scan in a year. My primary physician decided to give me a CT scan sooner than that because I used to smoke, so I had one this past Friday. I was truly expecting the CT scan not to show much of anything. I thought the nodule would be gone. However, the CT scan showed that I had multiple sub-centimeter pleural-based nodules bi-laterally. The largest measures 6x4 mm. The CT scan also found multiple mediastinal lymph nodes. It did not find any groundglass opacity, effusion, or lymphdenopathy . I am worried that I have more nodules appear in such a short time, and the one doubled in size. Could they still be benign? I don't see the doctor until Monday. I still have this pain in my side too, it has never went away. I can't get anyone to take me seriously about it. The pain starts just under my right rib cage and goes all the way around to my back. It is sore to the touch. Could it be related somehow?
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