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  1. Thinking about you....you can private message if you like....xo

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      Hi karen. I'm sorry I didn't see this! We went over to Tampa General on Monday and saw a vascular surgeon. He is set for the procedure this friday. We go over on Thursday morning and he will be admitted around 4. He has had a bit of pneumonia and is on doxycycline for that. The surgery is the Thoracic Endovascular aortic repair. They will go through his groin and put a stent in place. We saw his pulmonologist here and he agreed and all are on board with the surgeon who will be doing it. Never a dull moment and praying all goes well . It was comforting to know you had heard of this happening. they believe it was due to the trauma of the surgery. Not surprising as a total pneumonectomy is quite a surgery. ugh...thank you for reaching out! How come yours is a wait and see? Hope you are well. XX

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