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  1. My dad , 51 , on Septmeber 2018 was diagnosed with lung cancer (squamous).Doctors said that the stage was 3A.He started neoadjuvant chemotherapy (carboplatin + paclitaxel).After 3 cycles, the tumor started shrinking.He had 3 more chemo cycles and doctors thought that this time they'll be able to do the surgery, but today the doc told us that the cancer has spread in bone (sternum) . It's really difficult for me to see my dad's frustration.I thought that maybe he'll be alive for my graduation and this was a big motive for my to keep studying.Now I feel completly lost.
  2. Tom, His treatment was neoadjuvant chemo with 3 cycles, and he finished it.Because of the location, the tumor is very close the blood vessels and that's the reason why doctor are hesitating ! Sorry, but the reports are in serbian and albanian ! Tomorrow we'll discuss with oncologist ! Best regards to you !
  3. UPDATE 31/12/2018 : In previous CT report the mass was 3.3cm.In this one, the mass is 3.6cm but the surgeon said that the tumor is shrinking.How is this possible ? I just can't understand this ! Also from previous CT report, it says that he has 5 enlarged lymph nodes with 1.2 cm diameter, while now he has just 3 enlarged lymph nodes, but they are 1.5cm . I can't understand ! Is this possible, while some of lymph nodes are back to normal, and some are growing ?
  4. UPDATE : 30/12/2018 After my dad finished 3 cycles of chemo , he did a CT.We have a regression of tumor from 3.3 cm to 2.3 cm but because of the location, it looks like we have to continue for 3 more cycles and than to check again if they can do the surgery !
  5. Hi Tom, We still don't know if there are mediastinal lymph nodes involved because my dad hasn't yet done a biopsy of lymph nodes.The CT results showed some enlarged lymph nodes.Whene we'll finish his third cycle, we are going to do a PET scan to check if the tumor has shrinked, and if is necessary, he will do a biopsy of lymph nodes. Sorry for my english ! Best regards from me. Blerton
  6. Hi Bridget , On September, accedentally he did a x-ray.After this, the pulmonologist suggested a CT Thorax.There was showed a 33mm mass and pathological lymph nodes (subcarinal,subaortic,hilar and paratracheal.).Than my dad did a bronchoscopy, and 1 week later was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma. About my question:! This looks a forum with a lot of patients all over the world, and I thought that maybe someone had the same sitation as my father. I wanted to say what is the impact of this chemo combination on mediastinal lymph nodes ? Best regards from me !
  7. Hi guys, My dad was diagnosed with NSCLC(Squamous cell) on October.In my state where we live (Kosovo), is really difficult to find a PET scan machine.So in this way, we didn't want to lose time.Doctors said that our best option is to do an MRI to check if there the cancer has spread to other parts.Thank God, the result showed that the cancer is only in left lung and the size of tumor is 33mm.The tumor is near big blood vessels and is difficult to do a pneumonectomy.In this case the doctor suggested my father to start a neoadjuvant chemotherapy with 3 cycle (Carboplatin + Paclitaxel) and after that we have to do a PET scan outside Kosovo to check if the tumor to check how many lymph nodes are affected and how much the tumor shrinked.Now he is in second week of third cycle of chemotherapy. During the chemotherapy, he gained 10 pounds.I know this might sound weired, but yes, he gained 10 ! During chemotherapy, he didn't feel any of chemotherapy effects, expect hair loss.Even his half lung is blocked, he never had problems with breath.He told me that he can breath better now.We have run a lot of times on mountain and the didn't have any problem. His blood test are just amazing ! He even has better test blood than me ! His heart result are also perfect.He Now I have a questions for you. What is the impact of this chemotherapy combination on mediastinal lymph nodes ? After all these good signs, is his body trying to "tell" us, that the chemotherapy is helping him ? Best regards from me !
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