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  1. Still NED! I am 22 months out from surgery. The doctor said the next scan will be a CT scan with contrast in six months. If all goes well with that one it will be 12 month follow ups going forward.  

    I get this weird spasm sometimes when I try to awkwardly reach for something or scratch a hard to reach past do my back.  The surgeon explained I have a hernia where the incision was made and sometimes the lung can get caught in there and it can feel like a spasm. His demonstrating how it happens with his hands just about made me puke. He said it can be fixed with a surgery but he doesn’t recommend it. All things considered I’ll figure out how to deal with such a small thing.  

  2. I just revived an email that Lungevity received $801.89 from Amazon Smile.  To date Lungevity has received $8,906.55 from Amazon smile.  Amazon will donate .5% of all purchases to a charity of your choice.  You just visit http://smile.Amazon.com and setup which charities you want to receive the donation. It does not cost you anything.  I shared this with friends on social media and many have chosen Lungevity.   

  3. Conor hearing you have a mass on your lung is very scary. Take it one step at a time.  Mass doesn’t  mean malignancy.  While doctors can make well educated guesses based on scans an actual diagnosis can’t be had until a biopsy is done. The advice that Gary and Michelle are giving is good. When they do the biopsy insist on their doing biomarker testing. If it is in fact cancer the results of the biomarker test will drive treatment options. Let’s hope the masses are benign, but know that if they are malignant there are ever improving treatments available.  Hang in there.  

  4. Hi Katie.  I had a RUL lobectomy about 18 months ago.  I also have return air duct plenums like Tom.  I change those filters out every three months.  I purchased a humidifier/air purifier. Dry air was rough when I was recovering.  Here is the one I use.  I change the filter on this monthly.  


    Good luck with recovery.  The first few weeks are rough but you’ll start getting back quickly.   

  5. I had a right upper lobe Lobectomy 18 months ago.  I was petrified. The recovery after surgery was not as difficult as I feared it would be and I am still NED.  I was up and back at it three to four weeks later. Very minimal lingering things like numbness at the incision locations.  Very minimal.  Your aunt will do great.  Hang in there.  

  6. I spoke to one of my long time clients a couple of months ago during the peak of the COVID pandemic in NY.  She was having an issue in her home that I helped her with it via Facetime.  At the time she said that she believed that both her and her husband had COVID.  They were both in their 70's and I was concerned for them.   She said they were not feeling well, had symptoms of COVID but hadn't been tested.  At the time in NY the common practice was if you exhibited symptoms you were assumed to be positive (testing was hard to come by) and asked to quarantine.  Her symptoms didn't improve for over a month.  She finally convinced her doctor to see her.  It turned out the symptoms were from very advanced lung cancer.  She passed this past Sunday. She was a really kind and generous person. I was not terribly close to her but her passing really hit me kind of hard.  I really hate this disease.  I also hate how difficult COVID is making getting treatment for it for some.   

  7. Hi @ChiMama.  I had none robotic VATs in February 2019.  The surgery was not as bad as I imagined it would be and I've made a full recovery with no follow up treatment.  My lung capacity returned to pre-surgery levels.  I have some residual discomfort, similar to what you describe from your biopsy, but it is manageable and still decreasing.  You've gotten great advice from Lou and some others.  You will do great.    

  8. @BridgetO we have a pool that I do laps in.  The public outdoor pools are starting to open back up.  The indoor ones I use in the winter are still closed.  

    You are reminding me that I need to make a dentist appointment.  I’ve been holding off going but maybe it will be a quicker appointment right now.  

  9. @Rower Michelle start up mode is a good way of putting it.  I think I’ll share that with my employees.  Many of them were not around for that phase.     

    NY has been hit pretty hard.  My surgeon yesterday said he has postponed all but the most urgent surgeries.  Most appointments were cancelled over the last three months and he’s only been doing tele conferences.  They turned a wing of Sloan into a COVID wing, which is thankfully emptying.  There was a COVID drive through testing site in the parking lot, which was empty.  The waiting room, which is normally very full, was empty.  The surgeon said most people still aren’t comfortable going for their appointments.  The risks of COVID are high for those  battling cancer.  I hope the risks from delaying treatments doesn’t turn out to be worse.  

  10. I had my one year (a few months added due to COVID closures in NY).  All clear!   Since this was almost a year and a half check up the doctor schedule a follow up in six months.  After that it is yearly.   The pains in my side are a lot less and a lot less frequent.  It is still numb to the touch but that is subsiding, or I am getting use to it.  Breathing is completely normal.  I did ten laps in the pool yesterday without any issue.   

    I’ve been completely consumed by work and trying to navigate my company through these last few months.  I’m working like I did when I first started the company 15 years ago.  I think of everyone here often And hope you are all doing well.  I’m hoping I can get back to being more active soon.  Until then...

  11. I’m sorry to hear about your diagnosis @Tbaker.  Finding out is scary.  Finally knowing what you are confronting and having a plan can bring some relief...and resolve.  There are good treatment options available.   Hang in there.   

  12. I was lucky enough to have a VAT surgery but still experience the nerve issues a little over a year post surgery.  They get better then worse again.  I haven’t been able to figure out why sometimes they are ok and others they aren’t.  I’ve started to do core exercises to try and strengthen the area.  I’m not sure if that will help or hurt.  My surgeon just says maybe it will go away and maybe it won’t.

  13. It has been a crazy month.   It started off with me going to a conference in Las Vegas at the end of February, returning the first week of March to absolute madness in NY.  I’ve been completely consumed with what and how to handle my company and employees through this and my own health has taken a back seat.  I have to keep reminding myself that I am an at risk, compromised person.  I don’t know why that work sink in.  I was told someone at the conference had tested positive so I qualified for being tested.  It was negative.  Driving through a large, military like testing facility was like something out of a movie.  I actually cried for the people who were there working and for society as a whole that we were at that point.  I’m petrified of getting the virus and equally petrified of what this is going to do socioeconomically to the country.  I believe that aftermath will result in as many deaths as the virus itself.  After I wade through the stress of running a business and keeping my family safe  through this I often have no energy left and pass out at the end of the day.   I think about everyone on here often and hope you are all doing as well as you can be.  Stay safe.  

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