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    Curt reacted to D iane in Small Cell Diagnosis   
    Good morning.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday weekend with friends and family.  
    Husband is doing pretty well.  He is eating good and he/we have figured out his abdominal pain is more from constipation than disease.  Once we took care of that he is feeling much better.  He has gained a couple of pounds back!  The heartburn has also resolved.
    Yesterday he had a port placed which went well. He also had an oncology appt. His labs are better than last week so 2nd cycle is scheduled to begin Monday.
    Some more good news.  No evidence of metastatic disease was found via brain MRI he had on Tuesday!!  👍
    Here's hoping all goes well with this round.  There's still going to be some trial and error involved, I just hope since we both understand a little more, it will help us stay ahead of any side effects.
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    Curt reacted to LUNGevityKristin in EGFR Patient and Caregiver Perspectives Needed   
    Thanks, Curt.  I updated the link in the original post.  Please let me know if you have any other trouble accessing the survey.
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    Curt reacted to Jay* in Jay   
    Thank you Kristen. I'm not actually sure if my  friend had bio marker testing done, but I'm assuming he did because he also consulted with one of the top Oncologists in Canada. He's the kind of guy that drives the medical community crazy with questions!  He's not a passive patient; he challenges them!  My friend chose to forgo chemotherapy/radiation  because the doctors weren't able to allay his concerns regarding liver failure given his situation.  Add the low survival rate they gave him, it just didn't make sense to him. I actually can't say I disagree with his decision.  My friend is an aircraft inspector and gave the following analogy: "If you were  about to board a plane to go from point A to point B, and were told that there was only a 25 % chance the plane would make it, then add to that, there's also a storm you have to fly through, (his liver,) which further increases the risk of  you not making it, would you board that plane?  The doctor's response was, "When you put it in those terms, I can understand your decision."  Now he relies on alternative treatments, diet, juicing, high dose vitamin C, meditation, positive mindset, exercise. He's researched  extensively and feels pretty confident that his odds are better, given all the resources out there to support his decision. As long as he's willing to put in the work.  I think he is, and I pray daily for him and his family. 
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    Curt got a reaction from BridgetO in Scanziety   
    I HATE the wait.  Try to find something to distract you.  I know, easier said then done.  Positive thoughts coming your way.  
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    Curt reacted to Troy2 in Accidentally discovered 17 x 10 nodule   
    I just want to take a moment and thank this wonderful group! While I have most likely dodged a bullet, I have found your help and support invaluable while getting it figured out. I hope you all fully realize what a great thing it is you do here. 
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    Curt reacted to Pattymac in Happy Thanksgiving!   
    I am very thankful that my latest CT scan showed no change in my nodule, next scan in 6 months, and scanziety will set in around 1 month in advance! But I am very grateful for 5 months without worrying about something that I cannot change!
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    Curt reacted to Kate7617 in Happy Thanksgiving!   
    Thankful that I wake up in morning to see a brand new day, a precious gift.
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    Curt reacted to LUNGevityKristin in FDA Approves Tecentriq Plus Chemotherapy for Initial NSCLC Treatment   
    From the article, “We are pleased to offer this Tecentriq-based combination as a new treatment option that can provide a clinically meaningful survival benefit for people with non-squamous non-small cell lung cancer,” said Levi Garraway, M.D., Ph.D., chief medical officer and head of Global Product Development. 'Today’s approval offers another opportunity to help prolong the lives of people with this type of the disease'.”
    You can read the full story here:  https://www.gene.com/media/press-releases/14827/2019-12-03/fda-approves-genentechs-tecentriq-plus-c
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    Curt reacted to BridgetO in 8mm nodul with spiculated   
    Hi Medlaw, Occasionally  a small nodule can be removed by a wedge resection, which takes out only a part of the lobe.It depends in part on the locatiion of the nodule. If it's near the outer edge of the lobe, a wedge could be possible. Mine was too far inside. Removing it would have destroyed the blood circulation below it.
    I had a lower right lobectomy by VATS (video assisted). This requires only small incisions. It was a fairly easy surgery, as surgeries go. I was released from the hospital the following day. My activities were restricted for a couple of weeks, but I was able to get around and take care of myself. 
    My surgeon said that unless I was planning to run a marathon, I probably wouldn't notice a difference in my lung capacity and I don't. I do notice that my breathing sometimes sounds different on that side, but I can breath fine. I'm 74. My surgery was 3 years ago. My quality of life is good.
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    Curt reacted to Troy2 in Accidentally discovered 17 x 10 nodule   
    The pulmonologist doesn't agree about the nodule being spiculated after the second CT scan (high res this time). The nodule has not changed in appearance or size. He is certain that it is benign. He thinks it is a granuloma that is probably related to a common infection in the area I grew up. I am scheduled for another CT in 9 months just to be certain. That will be followed with one in 12 months. 
    That is better news than I was expecting to hear.
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    Curt reacted to BridgetO in 8mm nodul with spiculated   
    Hi Medlaw and welcome. Yes, it's a small nodule. I couldn't venture a guess about whether it's malignant or not. Most nodules are not cancer. "Spiculated" is suspicious, warranting some followup. I don't know about "mildlly spiculated".  I suggest you consult with a pulmonologist and have him/her look at your CT (the actual CT film or whatever you call it, not just the radiologist report)  Pulmonologists can tell a lot from the appearance of a nodule. I wouldn't be surprised if they want to do another CT, one of your whole chest.
    My lung cancer was found "by accident'. I had a prior non-lung cancer and was having regular CT scans to watch for possible metastases. A  small nodule appeared in one of my CTs and I had to go back in 3 months  for another CT to see if it had grown. It had, slightly. From the appearance, the pulmonologist thought it didn't look like a metastasis, but that it could be a primary lung cancer, which it turned out to be. By the way, I'm a never-smoker too. 
    I had a lobectomy 3 years ago and didn't need further treatment, but I do have regular lung CTs now. Lung cancer found at an early stage is highly curable, usually by surgery  alone.  Early stage lung cancers rarely have any symptoms-- if found early it's usually by accident in a CT  for something else. So don't let your fear keep you from following up on your little nodule.  Either you'll be reassured that it's benign, or you'll be one of us "fortunate" ones who get an early diagnosis.
    Keep in touch here and let us know how it goes.
    Bridget O
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    Curt got a reaction from Niess in What date do people use   
    @LisaA whichever damn date you want!   Congratulations on NED.  
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    Curt reacted to Susanrae in Happy Thanksgiving to my LC Family   
    Happy Thanksgiving to all! 
    I don't know how I would have coped with my lung cancer diagnosis without having all of you and your words of encouragement, information and HOPE!!  Bless you, Susan Rae
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    Curt got a reaction from Pattymac in Happy Thanksgiving!   
    I am thankful for my family, my positive recovery since surgery and this community.  
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    Curt reacted to Tom Galli in Happy Thanksgiving!   
    Alive, NED and the pending Thanksgiving feast!
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    Curt reacted to Rower Michelle in Happy Thanksgiving!   
    I am thankful for the simple things in life: being able to walk, hug my hubby, and carry my lap cats around.  The best days are when I can do normal things.  
    I started my Integrative Wellness plan a year ago just after Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for my tribe that makes a high quality of life a reality not a possibility. (That includes you guys too!)
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    Curt reacted to BridgetO in Happy Thanksgiving!   
    I'm thankful to be alive, to be NED on 3 primary cancers, and to have a good quality of life.
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    Curt reacted to MarieE in Another newbie ... Still a bit in shock   
    Well, day one is done, and thankful for that. It was definitely stressful, not really knowing what to expect. We got there at 11 and didn't finish until 6 PM. I'm hoping we can join friends for Thanksgiving tomorrow but leaving everything flexible so we can play it by ear.
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    Curt got a reaction from RondaBeaty in Subtle changes?   
    Hi @Blossomsmom   You’ve gotten something really good advice from others.   I’ve had the terrible experience of being the caregiver and the patient.   I recall the first time I got upset in front of my dad (the patient), about nine months after his diagnosis.  His response stunned me.  He was genuinely surprised that I was so upset.  All of us had done such a good job of being stoic for him that we left him feeling like it wasn’t as upsetting to us as it was to him.  We were all devastated but our putting on a brave face in front of him and falling apart out of sight left him feeling like it wasn’t as hard on us as it was.  Now being on the patient side I have the full perspective.  You know your mom best.  If she’s been the type of person in the past to want to discuss things then she probably wants to discuss this but avoids it to protect you.  I’d say if you have something you want your mom to know or want to know something from her ask.  Don’t push, but ask.  
    Regarding her change in demeanor that can be a lot do things.  She may not even be aware of the change.  The after wedding blues could be it. Her coming to terms with her own mortality can also be it.  I remember the day it happened for my dad, he had gotten sole very bad news in terms of prognosis .  There was a very different emotional change for him.  If your mom is not getting emotional support it may be a good idea to get it for her   A support group, psychiatrist, therapist or religious leader.  Talking helps and can energize someone.
    A cancer battle is a roller coaster physically and emotionally.  Your mom is incredibly lucky to have you.  Follow your instincts and don’t let things go unsaid if they are important to you or you think they are important to her.  It doesn’t have to be a before you die conversation.  Just a conversation about how you feel and give her the opportunity to tell you how she feels.  When I had those conversations with my dad I told him that I’d watched him deal with life’s challenges my whole life and that he was a role model for me.  I told him that how he was dealing with this and how he felt could help me deal with something similar in the future if I had to confront it.   Him helping me helped him, but it turns out it’s probably helped me more.   
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    Curt got a reaction from Tom Galli in Happy Thanksgiving to my LC Family   
    Happy Thanksgiving Lou.  
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    Curt reacted to Rower Michelle in Happy Thanksgiving to my LC Family   
    Hi All, 
    Thank you Lou, for the warm holiday wishes.  I feel the same way, this is a very special place and I'm grateful for all of you.  Not sure how I would have made it through the last year without you all. 
    So I just can't help myself.... a little ditty to kick off the holiday week.....
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    Curt got a reaction from LouT in Happy Thanksgiving to my LC Family   
    Happy Thanksgiving Lou.  
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    Curt reacted to LouT in Happy Thanksgiving to my LC Family   
    I hope it's okay to post this here.  I figured "General" was a good place to do it.  Having lung cancer this year was one of the worst things I've ever gone through.  When I came to this forum I was a hot mess; depressed, despondent, little hope for the future and scared to death.  So many of you were so wonderful to me.  I sometimes go back and read the original posts and feel the same comfort they gave me then.  You all helped to get me through this terrible time and on this Thanksgiving I am so thankful to be alive, NED, with my family and super thankful for finding all of you.  You gave me hope, strength, great advice and took me from helplessness to hope and recovery.  Thanks to all of you and while I'm not happy about having LC I sure am glad that I met all of you.
    Happy Thanksgiving,
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    Curt reacted to Philip Waisonovitz in new to this site   
    Thanks Curt for responding best of luck to you also
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    Curt got a reaction from Jdf1217 in Recently diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma   
    Hello @Jdf1217  First off congratulations on the birth of your third child.  My wife and I have three boys; 11, 9 and 6.  Three is a game changer.  I am really sorry to hear about your diagnosis and what you are going through.  Finding out you have lung cancer, especially at a young age is very scary.  I was forty two when I was diagnosed last year.  I’m considered young, you are considered very young.  Ignore what you read online about prognosis.  Those numbers are for people who were diagnosed five years ago and for people of all ages and health.  They also don’t reflect all of the treatments that have become available in the last five years.  The fact that it is localized in one lung, that you are young and that you have so much to live for all  work in your favor. 
    Have they done a biopsy of the cancer yet?  Normally genetic testing on blood work is what is called germline genetic testing.  That testing determines if “you“ have any hereditary mutations that predispose you to lung cancer.  A biopsy of the cancer cells would allow them to do somatic genetic testing of the cancer itself to identify if “it” has any genetic mutations.  If there are any mutations your treatment can be tailored specially to them.  
    I know this is terrifying but it is confront able.  I’m glad you found this site. It’s been a great source of support for me.  I hope it also provides you with what you need during this time.  Hang in there.  
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