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  1. I miss Connie too. Donna G
  2. Katie , I am so sorry. I pray for you and the family for peace. This is so sad. DonnaG
  3. I am so sorry. I pray for you and the family that you will be comforted and know where he is- he has been cured. DonnaG
  4. Wish you the best results with this trial. Mass Gen is a great Hospital. My sister lives in Franklin, don't think that's too far from you, my brother in Foxboro. Again want to hear good results. DonnaG
  5. Welcome Vernon. I've survived over 10 yrs now so it can be done. Keep us posted on how things are going. DonnaG
  6. Welcome Renate. You should come to Minnesota. Lots of people here of German descent. My husbands grandparents were and the town they were born in , Gaylord, Mn you could talk to anyone in German and they would understand. One thing I should warn you about though, it is -13 degrees here today with a windchill of about -49 degrees. They says if you go out today with exposed skin you will have frost bite in less than 10 minutes. Keep us posted on how things are going DonnaG
  7. Prayers going up Katie. DonnaG
  8. Welcome Hampshirebear. Simple Chest X rays do not let us visualize lung tumors unless they are very solid, and most are not. Since screening all people with high doses of radiation is not good for you either I pray that someoe will invent a machine we could blow into that could pick up the odor of the abnormal cells. Trained Dogs can do it! Glad they are getting you into treatment without delay. When I eventualy had surgery all the tumor was dead and scar tissue. Wishing you these great results. Keep us posted. Donna G
  9. Hello and welcome. The beginning of this journey is really , really rough! Believe me I have been there! I too had chemo and daily radiation to shrink my tumor that was touching nerves and blood vessels and the pluera ( lining of the lung). When I finally had surgery the tumor was all dead scar tissue. The original plan was for more chemo after surgery and I did have that too. My journey started 12/3/97 !! My last CT still showed I am cancer free. Keep us posted on what your plan will be and how you are doing DonnaG
  10. So sorry your father in law has a Pancoast tumor. The shoulder pain in part of the "Pancoast syndrome ". It is what most all of us with a Pancoast tumor had as a symptom. The syndrome was described by a Dr. Pancoast hence the name. You do not mention a plan for him. In the beginnning most all of us have appointment with Pumonologists, Onocologists, Neurologists, Radiologist etc. Most of us do not start with surgery. First is chemo and radiation. For your father in law I imagine he needs that brain metastasize treated soon. Keep us posted. DonnaG
  11. Boy this is a deep question. I don't believe the Lord wishes any harm on us for He loves us. The Lord's will is that we know him, love him, and be with him forever. I believe he can use any circumstance for our greater good. I believe we can pray for a cure but it is most important that we know he is with us through life and in the bad times we need to pray that we can see him and his work during these times. Perhaps in these times we learn how to reach out to others. By the way studies by Harvard University done by double blind also showed that people who were prayed for did better, had
  12. http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stori ... 900&EDATE= Found this news story. DonnaG
  13. Prayers going up for you Katie. Someone shared their cold with me last weekend but now compared to pneumonia, I've got nothing wrong! Hope you're over it soon. DonnaG
  14. Donna G

    Breathing Free

    Saw last half of Oprah when I got home from work. Dr Oz was on. They were talking about helping people leave the cigarettes, they said not to call it "quiting". http://www.Oprah.com/
  15. Hello, welocome. Is that you and your little boy? in the picture. He is cute. Please keep us posted on how you are doing. DonnaG
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