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  1. Hello Heather. I have somethings in common with your husband. I had pain from the tumor pressing on nerves . I was diagnosed with the Pancoast tumor Stage 3 B . I started treatment quickly. They gave me daily radiation and 2 chemo drugs. If you look below you can see where to find my whole story. Just a side thing I come from " New England " growing up in Boston , Massachusetts .. Please keep us posted on how he is doing . I pray he does as well as I have . I have survived for over 24 years. Donna G
  2. Hello Terry Glad you found us. I was also diagnosed with Stage 3 B lung cancer . I had Cisplatin and Etopiside and daily radiation to start . They killed my cancer . I was able later to have surgery and then more of that same chemo . I am still hear and NED ( no evidence of disease ) I hope you also respond well . Please keep us posted on how you are doing . Donna G
  3. genor I am a Pancoast tumor survivor ! I had pain in my shoulder and arm and chest and thought it was muscular . It was a tumor pressing on a nerve going down my arm and on my chest wall . Thank God the doctor did a chest x ray and saw it . My story is found below . Keep us posted Donna G
  4. No I never followed up with that company . I had NSCLC . My husband 's spread to his brain before he had a biopsy. He had symptoms of falling down so they did a spinal tap and only told me he had cancer there causing irritation and the dizzyness. They told me it was not treatable and he died in a week. Since that was almost 8 years ago and not enough info what would be the use of doing that. Donna G
  5. I really pray that you follow up on your symptoms . I saw a doctor for shoulder pain and chest pain I thought was muscle pain from unpacking my house moving in -- They found a tumor in the apex of my right upper lobe. I read above about asbestos exposure . There is a company advertising here that if you have lung cancer and a history of exposure you can sue for money . My husband was in the Navy aboard 2 ships under construction and asbestos . Guess who washed his uniforms covered with it all over it, ME . My husband died of lung cancer in 2013. I survived . Please update us on your findings. Donna G
  6. Donna G

    Really quiet board

    We have a cold snap coming in Minnesota also ! Forecast for Sunday ----we will start the day at minus 11 degrees and then warm up to minus 3 degrees . This will be a good day to stay home and watch the game on TV. Donna G
  7. Hello Trish. Glad you found us . I had stage 3 B NSCLC . I started treatment with 2 chemo drugs and dailr y radiation . It was a long time ago so perhaps you have something we did not have back then. I had some nausea , loss of appetite and very tired. I also got neuropathy from the Cisplatin but I am still alive so I think it was worth it. You might say your drugs so we will know if we had the same . Keep us posted , best wishes to you I was able to shrink the tumor and did have surgery and more chemo. Donna G.
  8. Hello Tina . I agree with you . If something is growing why not find out what it is for sure . I had a larger spot on my lung than you but was very quickly sent for a biopsy and treatment . My husband went to the VA and had 2 small spots on his lung . They said they would watch it but before they did anything it had spread to his brain very badly and I lost him. Is there a place where you could get a 2nd opinion ? Please keep us posted. Donna G donna G
  9. Hello huj123. Yes I am one of those Pancoast tumor survivors ! I had shoulder pain that went down my arm and chest pain . I had just moved back to Minnesota so I thought it was due to lifting and unpacking everything. I called the Dr for an appointment and they said " You are 50 , it could be a heart attack come to ER now ! Normal EKG and blood work but luckily an x ray done showed a tumor in my upper lobe pressing on nerves going down my arm and on my chest wall. If you want my whole story go below to my story. It is posted. Please keep us posted on how she is doing and the treatment plan . Donna G
  10. Thank you for that post. I agree "All we need is Love ". That's what we really need. This was all over the news this morning here in Minnesota . Donna G
  11. I was born and raised in Boston , Massachusetts. At 21 years of age I married a cute Navy sailor from Cloquet Minnesota . Followed him for the rest of his time in the Navy. We moved 17 times . We settled down in his home state of Minnesota . I've been here ever since . As Babs says it is cold here this time of year usually . Today when I woke up it was 22 degrees but at least it is sunny. Donna G
  12. Boy I clicked on the site . I sure did not expect a 30 minute talk on new lung cancer treatments . Believe me when I was diagnosed in 1997 none of that existed ! Thanks for the link. Donna G
  13. Welcome Gene. You are joining our battle and I think it is good to have the Lord on your teem. I lived in Florida back in 1968 to about 1972 in Key West. My husband was teaching Sonar school in the Navy. I have survived Lung cancer ( my husband did not ) I hope they have begun your treatments for the Adrenal gland and the Lung. Please feel free to ask questions , talk for support and also keep us posted on how you are doing. Donna G
  14. Hi Sam . I was tall and thin growing up . My mother only had "sugar food" on birthdays or special holidays. So I never got in the habit of eating it but---- When I got lung cancer I got thinner and chemo made me nauseas ect. so---- They did not want me to loose any more weight so----------- they encouraged me to eat pudding , ice cream , jello, even candy to get some calories ! So i got some weight back but also developed some bad habits.. I am a 23 year survivor now ! It has taken me many years to drop my weight back to normal and brake those bad habits. I think that idea of seeing an nutritioniist is a great idea. Keep us posted. Donna G
  15. So o hear that Adam has been diagnosed with lung cancer It is good that he has you to help him. Are you able to go to Dr appointments and treatment with him? It is wonderful to have another set of ears and take notes for what is being discussed . It is so hard to do well on your own . I am a survivor and was later also a caregiver to my husband. Please keep us posted and feel free to ask questions. Donna G
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